Verizon network latency statistics

Get a glimpse into Verizon’s network performance through our weekly compilation of IP network latency statistics. These statistics are provided for informational purposes.

Public IP network statistics

About these metrics

Verizon constantly measures the latency (speed) of core areas of our network using data collected by pings via Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP).1 These measurements should not be used to define the Network Latency Service Level standard found in your service level agreement (SLA).

How is data collected?

We collect data in five-minute intervals from designated routers in key network hubs located around the world and then aggregate the data on a weekly basis.

Verizon Looking Glass
real-time data

Get real-time data from across our public IP network infrastructure.
Follow these tips to get started.

Tip #1

Select the source region and location from where the ping will originate.

Tip #2

Choose the command type for showing routing information, such as ping, trace or Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) route.

Tip #3

Pick a destination for testing, using either your IP address or a location through the Verizon network selector.

Tip #4

View the results of your test; listed by packet, along with minimum, maximum and average network latency.

The purpose of this site is to provide weekly IP network latency for informational purposes only. Data may be available after publication and will be updated.