• Verizon Digital Media Services Edgecast CDN


    Step Description
    1 Request your Service ID and Data Center peering location from Edgecast CDN and provide this information to your Verizon Account Manager.
    2 Your Secure Cloud Interconnect virtual connection is established on the appropriate Edgecast CDN NNI.
    3 Dynamic Network Manager, the Verizon Portal (described in Section 3. Verizon Enterprise Center) is updated with your Edgecast CDN configuration information. Once the connection is active in Dynamic Network Manager, the Edgecast CDN service is ready for use.
    4 The Edgecast CDN max route limitation is 5,000 routes. Should additional routes be needed, the Edgecast CDN default setting can be upgraded to increase the max route setting on a per connection basis.
    5 By default, the port will be in “admin down” status in the Verizon Enterprise Center portal. You can manually change this setting to “admin up” once you are ready to pass routes.
    6 Contact the Edgecast CDN Network Operations center at 1-877-334-3236 for any issues with the Edgecast CDN service.

    For reference, the Edgecast portal and Verizon Digital Media Services general information URLs are:

    Portal: https://my.edgecast.com

    General Information: https://www.verizondigitalmedia.com/platform/edgecast-cdn/