• DXC Rapid Connect


    Step Owner Description
    1 Customer and Verizon You must be a Verizon Private IP customer to complete this activation process.

    If not, a Private IP connection must be established to at least of your location. As this component is probably the one with the longest deliverable timeframe, you should not proceed with the rest of the activation process until this step is completed.
    2 Verizon Verizon Account Team will work with you to create entitlements for Verizon Enterprise Center/Dynamic Network Manager which provides access to your Secure Cloud Interconnect service.

    This step shall be completed once the Secure Cloud Interconnect order is entered.
    Ordering and Provisioning
    1 Customer Create an account with DXC Rapid Connect if you do not have one already.

    DXC Rapid Connect will provide you with a Customer Account ID: First 4 letters of company name and hyphen RC (RapidConnect) For example: “ABCD-RC”
    2 Customer Select the location where the Secure Cloud Interconnect port will be provisioned.
    3 Customer Provide the DXC Rapid Connect Account ID to the Verizon Account Team along with the desired DXC Rapid Connect Data Center location for the Secure Cloud Interconnect port.

    If this information is not provided at the time of order placement, it may slow the provisioning process.
    4 Customer and Verizon The Verizon Account Team, in consultation with you, identifies the appropriate time for the Secure Cloud Interconnect activation.
    5 Verizon Verizon Account Team places the Secure Cloud Interconnect order using your DXC Rapid Connect Account ID.

    The Account ID is entered in the ”CSP Customer ID” field and the Service Key is left empty.
    6 Customer By default, the Private IP VPN entered with the Secure Cloud Interconnect order is connected to the Secure Cloud Interconnect port. If you want to add additional VPNs, you can use the Dynamic Network Manager to add one or more of your Private IP VPNs to the Secure Cloud Interconnect port (using the Add/Remove VPN menu).

    PLEASE NOTE: When you add or remove Private IP VPNs to a Secure Cloud Interconnect port, ensure that the IP addresses of the Private IP VPNs don’t overlap and the total number of Private IP prefixes does not exceed the MAX number specified in the VPNs. If the total number of Private IP prefixes exceeds the MAX number specified in the VPNs, contact the Verizon Account Team and request an increase to that MAX number.
    7 Customer Secure Cloud Interconnect is established and configured on the Verizon Provider Edge Router connected to DXC Rapid Connect in the specified location.
    8 Customer Dynamic Network Manager is updated with your Secure Cloud Interconnect configuration information.
    9 Customer and Verizon Verizon provisioning systems can send an auto-generated email to rapid.connect@dxc.com or you can provide the Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect NNI information from Dynamic Network Manager directly to your DXC Account Team.
    10 DXC DXC Rapid Connect manually configures the life access within your data centers/routers. For reference, the DXC Rapid Connect portal and general information URLs is:
    Shutting Down the Secure Cloud Interconnect Port
    1 Customer or Verizon To “administratively shut down” the port you or your Verizon Account Team would log into Dynamic Network Manager and selects the Secure Cloud Interconnect port.

    As highlighted, click on the pen following the “Modify Admin Status” field.
    2 Verizon and Customer The following screen shot shows the page that will open once the “Modify Admin Status” pen is clicked on.

    The Shutdown or No Shutdown of the port can be done through the “New Admin Status” drop down menu.