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    Step Owner Description
    1 Customer 

    You must be a Verizon Private IP customer to complete this activation process.

    If you do not already have Private IP, you will first need to establish a Private IP connection.  Since this component has a long deliverable timeframe, you should complete this step first before you proceed with the rest of the activation process.

    2 Customer and Verizon The Verizon Account Team will work with you to create entitlements to the Verizon Enterprise Center/Dynamic Network Manager, which will provide you with access to your Secure Cloud Interconnect service.

    Entitlements to Dynamic Network Manager should be completed at the same time that the Secure Cloud Interconnect order is entered.
    3 Customer  If you are purchasing a public cloud product (i.e., non-Virtual Private Cloud) from Alibaba, please review the Secure Cloud Interconnect NAT section at the end of this document
    4 Customer  If you plan to order enhanced security services, (MSS Cloud Firewall or HNS firewalls), these products need to be ordered at the same time that you order a new Secure Cloud Interconnect port and cannot be added to an existing Secure Cloud Interconnect service. If you plan to use MSS Cloud Firewall as an addition to your Secure Cloud Interconnect service needs, please work with the account team on how to activate the service.
    Ordering and Provisioning
    1 Customer

    Prior to placing a Secure Cloud Interconnect order with Verizon, you must have already worked with Alibaba to create an account with them.  If you do not have an existing account with Alibaba, please work directly with your Alibaba account representative to create one.

    A Secure Cloud Interconnect order cannot be activated without an active account with Alibaba. 

    2 Customer and Verizon

    In consultation with the Verizon Account Team, you need to identify the appropriate time for activating the Secure Cloud Interconnect connection.

    The Secure Cloud Interconnect order often completes and starts billing the same day the order is placed. You should not direct Verizon to place the Secure Cloud Interconnect order until you have an account with Alibaba to activate the connection immediately after placing the Secure Cloud Interconnect order.

    Note: If you place a Secure Cloud Interconnect order without having an active Alibaba account, the Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect order will still be processed, and Verizon billing will begin.

    3 Customer and Verizon At the appropriate time, (i.e., the customer has an active Alibaba cloud account and at least one active Verizon Private IP connection), the Verizon Account Manager places the Secure Cloud Interconnect order.
    4 Customer Provide the Alibaba Cloud order number to the Verizon Account Team.  While not required, the Secure Cloud Interconnect activation process will take longer to install without it.
    5 Verizon Verizon Account Team places the Secure Cloud Interconnect order using your Alibaba service order.

    The Account ID is entered in the ”CSP Customer ID” field, and the Service Key is left empty as no API is available at this time.
    6 Verizon After the Verizon Account Team submits the Secure Cloud Interconnect order, it should appear in the Dynamic Network Manager portal within a half hour after order submission.
    7 Verizon The Secure Cloud Interconnect service is automatically established and configured on the Verizon Provider Edge Router connected to the Alibaba Cloud in the requested location.
    8 Customer Verify that Dynamic Network Manager reflects the correct information that you requested in regards to Cloud Service Provider, data plan, and installation location(s). 
    9 Customer and Verizon

    You are now ready to work with Alibaba to complete the connection. You should provide the Secure Cloud Interconnect configuration details to Alibaba. The configuration information should be sent to Steven Bui (steven.bui@alibaba-inc.com) and Hao Lin (hao.lin@alibaba-inc.com), the order manager support team.

    Note: Take a screen print of the configuration details in the Dynamic Network Manager portal, and email it to Alibaba.

    10 Alibaba When the Alibaba support team receives the activation request, they will run it through Alibaba sales / sales engineering teams for validation. Once fully vetted, it is pushed to the Engineering team for implementation.
    11 Customer, Verizon, and Alibaba The Alibaba account and engineering teams will work with you to establish end-to- end connectivity as required.
    12 Customer

    By default, the Private IP VPN entered with the Secure Cloud Interconnect order is connected to the Secure Cloud Interconnect port. If you want to add additional VPNs, you can use Dynamic Network Manager to add one or more of your Private IP VPNs to the Secure Cloud Interconnect port (using the Add/Remove VPN menu).

    Note: When you add or remove Private IP VPNs to a Secure Cloud Interconnect port, ensure that the IP addresses of the Private IP VPNs don’t overlap and the total number of Private IP prefixes does not exceed the MAX number specified in the VPNs. If the total number of Private IP prefixes exceeds the MAX number specified in the VPNs, contact the Verizon Account Team to request an increase to that MAX number.

    Shutting Down the Secure Cloud Interconnect Port
    1 Customer or Verizon To administratively shut down the port, you or your Verizon Account Team must log into Dynamic Network Manager and select the Secure Cloud Interconnect port.

    As highlighted, click on the pen following the “Modify Admin Status” field.
    2 Verizon and Customer

    The following screen shot shows the page that will open once the “Modify Admin Status” pen is clicked on.

    The “Shutdown or No Shutdown” of the port can be done through the  “New Admin Status” drop down menu.