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This User Guides library is specifically intended for our customers to assist you to successfully complete various incident management, change management and other activities.

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Incident & Event Management

Service Desk Phone Numbers for US and International
Overview of Service Desk phone numbers by country

Adding Your Internal Reference To Verizon's Incident Ticket
How you can add your reference to Verizon’s incident ticket and what benefits there are

Download the My Verizon for Enterprise App
Easily access the resources and information you need on the go.

NOC to NOC Process
How to reach out to a Verizon NOC technician to discuss a technical issue

Incident Management - Automated Diagnostics for Managed MPLS Services
Overview of troubleshooting automation for Managed MPLS Services

Event Management for Managed WAN Services
Overview of Managed WAN Event Management and when this triggers a proactive incident ticket

Site Status Verification for Managed WAN Services
How to verify the status of Power, Cabling, and Equipment at your site to prevent any delays on restoring your service

Power, Cabling, and Equipment for Non-Managed WAN Services
How to verify the status of Power, Cabling, and Equipment at your site to prevent any delays on restoring your service

International Vulnerability Management
Overview of International Vulnerability Management and how to detect, notify, and remediate vulnerabilities

Viewing Technical Updates (SEANR Ticket Log Activity Overview)
Where to find technical troubleshooting updates from our technicians on the online portal

Incident Management Workflow Proactive
Detailed description of the Proactive Ticket workflow

Incident Management Workflow Reactive
Detailed description of the Reactive Ticket workflow

Incident Escalations
How to request a ticket escalation when the progress is not satisfactory

Change Management & Problem Management

Submit a change or service request
Easily submit change or service requests to update your network.

Managed Service Change Management
How to raise a standard Change Request for your Managed WAN Service

Scheduled Maintenance by Verizon
Details on the process and how to change notification contacts

Problem Management for Chronic Incident Tickets
How to raise a Problem ticket

Zscaler IP Range Changes
Process for customers who make use of Zscaler in combination with Managed WAN networks, Internet Dedicated Access or Managed Security Services

Self-Service Tools

Getting started on Verizon Enterprise Center
Everything you need to get set up on Verizon Enterprise Center

Register on Verizon Enterprise Center
Begin managing your Verizon products and services online.

Create an incident ticket
Submit an incident ticket to resolve network issues and outages.

Verizon Enterprise Center Manage Notifications
Update how you're notified about events and changes to your services.

DNS Management Self Service Web Portal
Managed Services overview for Verizon Enterprise Center

Become a Verizon Enterprise Center Primary Contact
Get set up as a primary contact to update and manage your team's access.

Set Up Your Incident Ticketing System B2B Interface With Verizon
Verizon empowers customers with the ability to set up a personalized Service Management interface.

Incident Ticket Status Definitions
View detailed descriptions of common ticket statuses. 


European Data Co-Location Centers
How to request access and/or support for Verizon Data Co-Location centers

Incident Management Milestones
Adoption of the ITIL Incident Management process in our incident ticketing system

VoIP Service Overview
Guidelines on how to change setting on your VoIP Service

European WEK Pre-Deployment form
Form to enable the Wireless Expedite Kit (WEK)

European Charge for Service User Guide
In which cases does Verizon charge for troubleshoot or technical assistance?

Disconnecting Your Verizon Services
Disconnect active services as your business needs change.

Glossary of incident ticket abbreviations
View a list of the common abberviations you may see on your incident tickets.

Ethernet Access to Private IP
Optimize the balance between packet loss and throughput

Incident eBonding
How to report an incident or How to request a change within the eBonding process

Vendor HTML Email eBonding
Information how Verizon vendors can use the email eBonding feature

Services and/or features are not available in all countries/locations, and may be procured from in-country providers in select countries. We continue to expand our service availability around the world. Please consult your Verizon representative for service availability. Contact us.