Operation Convergent Response 2019

Operation Convergent Response

Held on November 19 – 21, 2019

When every second counts.

Verizon and Nokia co-hosted the third annual live demonstration event ─ Operation Convergent Response™ 2019 (#OCR2019) ─ November 19-21 at the Guardian Centers in Perry, Georgia.

#OCR2019 was held in collaboration with the Guardian Centers and gave you the chance to experience firsthand how advanced technologies can work under pressure in a crisis. 


The scenarios were the focal point of a well-rounded program, the #OCR2019 Strategic Experiential Journey. Through this journey, all attendees:

  • Witnessed crisis scenarios first-hand in a realistic, but controlled environment
  • Learned from experts about the latest technologies in crisis management in the OCR Talks program
  • Networked with colleagues, crisis management leaders, and technology experts in the Solutions Showcase


Experienced the challenges faced by responders in the aftermath of a wildfire and the modern technologies to address them.

Cyber Attack

Cyberattack on Critical Infrastructure

Flooding, health risks and other environmental concerns impact a community devastated by cyber-attacks on critical utility infrastructures.

Tunnel Emergency

Tunnel Emergency

Examined the key challenges responders encounter in tight, isolated situations and watch cutting edge tech drive better outcomes in a subterranean environment.

Complex Terror Attack

Experienced the fallout of a multi-layered terrorist attack and solutions to defend the response mission.

Airport in Crisis

Airport in Crisis

Explored how emerging technologies help solve complex problems such as airspace incursions, perimeter breaches, pandemic outbreaks and other common situations to major transportation hubs.

Gas Pipeline Explosion

Gas Pipeline Leak and Explosion

This unique opportunity allows attendees to view how first responders address the impact of an nighttime emergency within a city, specifically featuring a gas pipeline leak and structure explosion.

2019 Highlights

See what our attendees and exhibitors had to say about this year's Operation Convergent Response:

  • “As a tech company, getting direct access to users in real world environments is invaluable & OCR2019 gave us exactly that. More than any other exhibition, tradeshow, or demonstration, OCR forces companies & their equipment to work together, giving us the opportunity to find promising combinations that can help first responders, and to test them in real time with users.”

    Grady Valentine, Director of Sales, Silvus Technologies

  • "OCR provides an unmatched experience that brings together public sector agencies and people to collectively learn, improve and work together even better, when crises happen. Panasonic is very excited to be part of this community and to bring our technology, expertise and solutions to assist when it matters most."

    MaryBeth Hall, Director of Wireless Strategy, Panasonic

  • “Octopus role is in command and control systems. We connect all of the partners to the OCR journey including the sensors, robotics, drones and video cameras to integrate for optimal awareness and security. I'm excited to travel from Israel to be a part of this experience.”

    Tal Shimoni, Software Developer, Octopus

Who Attended

#OCR2019 was designed for leaders from across public safety, critical infrastructure and  telecommunications, as well as federal, state and local government.  We had attendees from:

  • Law enforcement
  • Fire
  • Emergency Management Services
  • PSAPs/911 dispatch
  • Disaster relief agencies
  • Private enterprise risk teams
  • Leadership in government and public policy
  • The military and National Guard
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • The energy industry
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • The education community
  • Hospitals and medical providers

What happened

Realistic crisis scenarios, immersed attendees in live-action exercises demonstrating how innovative technology is key to a Ready, Respond, Recover, Rebuild crisis management strategy.

Experiential activities, provided hands-on access to technology and tactical drills:

  • Close Quarters Combat – Room Clearing Activity
  • Risk Based Approach Escape Room Activity
  • Virtual Reality (AR) Scenario Experience
  • OCR Innovation - 5G Experience
  • Joint Operation Center Operations and Common Operating Picture Experience

Solutions showcase
OCR Talks, including keynotes, educational classes, tech talks, and more


Operation Convergent Response™ 2019 was made possible through the collaboration of technology and solution exhibitors.  Verizon sought out innovative companies that showcased their technologies and solutions in our #OCR2019 Strategic Experiential Journeys.

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