Connections II Products & Services

Meeting Your Mission Objectives

Verizon has demonstrated the professional and technical expertise to support successful implementation of the four solution types specified as part of the Connections II contract: Communications and Networking, Building/Campus Facility Preparation, Operations, Administration, and Management and Customer Services and Technical Support. Verizon can provide the services, solutions, and resources you need to meet your communication requirements:

  • Professional Services
  • Communications Services
  • Security Services
  • Data Center Services
  • Mobility Services
Professional Services +

From planning to design, implementation to operation and management, our professional service expertise can help your business become more agile, sustainable, and able to manage risk. Verizon delivers thousands of engagements annually to help customers drive better business outcomes. Verizon’s portfolio includes security, networking, communications, and mobility and is delivered by a team of highly-trained and experienced experts. Verizon also has over 40 professional services companies with which it will subcontract. These companies have been well vetted and offer a wide variety of service specialties, geographic strengths, and certifications. More than two thirds are small business government contractors.

Verizon's professional services include:

  • Data Center: Turn technology into a competitive advantage.
  • Security: Combat risk and remain protected.
  • Communications: Transform the way your people get business done.
  • Mobility: Improve responsiveness and productivity.


Communications Services +

An organization's communications needs can span from a single building to an entire enterprise and carry all types of formats, including voice, data and video. From simple telephone systems to PBXs, LANs and video equipment to complex solutions like Unified Communications and Collaborations (UC&C), Verizon can meet your requirements. Verizon's UC&C or hosted UC&C services can help improve all facets of your organization. Our virtual collaboration tools can help everyone work together effectively and seamlessly from wherever they are.

  • Communications Professional Services: Our experts can assess, plan, and build a solution tailored to your needs, terms, and budget.
  • Managed UC&C: Discover UC&C benefits that can include controlling costs, reducing business risk, and protecting your investments from technology obsolescence.
  • IP Voice Services: Eliminate the need for multiple legacy phone circuits, simplify management of local voice services and improve network utilization.
  • UC&C as a Service: Leverage a network-based solution with next-generation calling and collaboration features.
  • Contact Center Services: Improve call routing and handling, database integration and workforce management.
  • Video, Web, and Audio Conferencing: Facilitate collaboration across time zones and borders.
  • Traditional Telephony: Utilize existing systems while setting the foundation for a converged Voice over IP platform.
  • Campus or inside Cabling and Wire: Verizon and its partners can provide a myriad of services from simple cabling to Fiber to the Desktop solutions.


Security Services +

Your agency's reputation hinges on how well you safeguard your infrastructure, your information, and how well you manage risk and compliance. Let us help you design, implement and manage a comprehensive information security program based on your unique risk, profile, goals, and objectives. Verizon, with its wholly owned security subsidiary Cybertrust, is one of the largest network security providers in the world.

  • Security Professional Services: When you want additional expertise, rely on our multilingual security consultants around the globe to deliver a plan that’s based on years of industry expertise—and focused on driving results.
    • Application Security Reviews
    • Application Vulnerability Assessments
    • Network Vulnerability Assessments
    • Penetration Testing
    • VoIP Assessments
    • Wireless Assessments
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance: We can assess your risk level based on your current security controls and prepare you to address security-related compliance objectives.
    • Online Compliance Program for (PCI) Payment Card Industry
    • Security Management Program (SMP)
    • Managed Notification
    • Vulnerability Management Solution
    • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Identity Management: We can provide and manage identity-based access for your data, applications, and systems for dynamic user populations across multiple IT environments.
    • Government ID
    • Managed Validation
  • Managed Security: Leverage our expertise and best practices to design, implement, and maintain your secure IT infrastructure; and help prevent, detect, and report security threats.
    • Managed Firewall/FW with Real-Time Escalation
    • Managed NIDS/HIPS
    • Managed HIDS/HIPS
    • Managed SSL VPN
    • Managed Security Appliance
    • Managed App Level Firewall
    • Managed Gateway Anti Virus
    • Managed Proxy Server
    • Managed Content Screening
    • Log Monitoring and Storage Service


Data Center Services +

You may have the technical resources to install, administer, and maintain your data and business applications, but could they be put to better use? Consider the advantage of using facilities already maintained to high standards. By colocating your operations in one of our 200+ data centers around the world, you can take advantage of our world-class, carrier-grade facilities with direct network connectivity. This will allow you to focus your internal IT group on core initiatives. Our state-of-the art infrastructure and data centers can help your systems, applications, and processes meet required performance levels.


Mobility Services +

Employees can work from virtually anywhere as long as they have the right tools and reliable, secure access to their corporate assets. We can provide both, along with a secure, holistic view of your mobile device landscape and a way to better manage it all.

  • Mobility Pro Services: We have experts who can help you manage and maintain your mobility solutions.
  • Mobility Management: Verizon can manage your mobile inventory, spend, logistics, and applications. We can also protect your data with secure, managed connections for remote workers.
  • Integrated Fixed Wireless Services: Increase your mobile employees’ responsiveness by providing them with a single phone number for all their locations and devices. Rein in costs by redirecting traffic over a cost-effective route.
  • Custom Mobility Applications: Verizon and its partners can provide Mobility Device Solutions for your agency covering a wide variety of platforms and OS support, with end-to-end mobile, software lifecycle services.