Distance Learning

Secure, effective distance learning tools for uninterrupted education

For students around the country, classroom learning has become distance learning. Despite the uncertainty around closed schools, teachers can still provide some continuity for their students. With Verizon’s reliable, secure network, school administrators can give teachers the connectivity and collaboration tools to help them connect with students, parents and colleagues.

Reliable connections, applications and services

Educators provide essential service to some of our most vulnerable populations. Give teachers better tools to collaborate, educate and succeed.

  • Enable collaboration

    Despite social distancing, effective distance learning is taking place, and it’s being powered by collaboration and connectivity considerations. 

    Read about connectivity best practices
  • Remain engaged

    Education continuity tools help keep students connected—and teachers communicating with parents—even though school buildings may be closed.

    Read more about these tools
  • Stay focused on higher education

    Colleges and universities can carry on with the business of education. Continuity tools help shift from onsite to offsite learning, and communication services help administrators relay vital information to students as needed.

    Learn more about continuity tools

Distance Learning solutions

Learn about the Verizon products and services that support Distance Learning.

Digital Transformation comes to Education

A Webinar Series

  • Dustin Haisler

    Chief Innovation Officer, eRepublic

  • Dr. Joshua Kim

    Director of Online Programs and Strategy, Dartmouth College

  • Dr. Edward Maloney

    Exec. Director, Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship, Georgetown University 

Hear the conversation between host Dustin Haisler, from eRepublic, and the authors of Learning Innovation and the Future of Higher Education, Dr. Joshua Kim and Dr. Edward Maloney.

Hybrid learning becomes a core competency


Listen to our webinar to learn how to integrate hybrid learning into your curriculum approach.

In order to be successful in the future, learning institutions likely need to embrace a hybrid learning approach that combines traditonal onsite and modern online components. Educators and administrators must develop this core competency, balancing it in their curriculum to help deliver the best experience for both teacher and student alike.

Our webinar covers topics to help you thrive, including:

  • Developing an overall blended learning strategy
  • Building versus buying curriculums
  • Blended learning and  the new economics of higher education

Understanding the CARES Act for education


Our current global situation has created a clear shift in the way we educate The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act is providing over $30 billion in funding to help K-12 and higher education institutions invest in the right tools to embrace this shift. 

Learning how to use the right technology and bridge the digital gap between traditional and new virtual learning environments can make all the difference for students and educators alike. But how exactly can you start to close that gap? Learn the fundamentals of grant writing and how you can access CARES Act funds to equip your students and teachers to navigate new models of learning.

  • Dustin Haisler
    Chief Innovation Officer, eRepublic

  • Joe Morris
    VP of Research, eRepublic

Hear renowned education experts Dustin Haisler and Joe Morris discuss the impact of the CARES Act funding and the future of education.

New & noteworthy

Verizon and Los Angeles Unified to Enable Distance Learning for Hundreds of Thousands More California Students


 “Verizon’s original agreement from March of this year with Los Angeles Unified to enable distance learning for 125,000 low-income children has become the gold standard framework nationally during the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Andrés Irlando, Senior Vice President and President, Public Sector and Verizon Connect at Verizon. “We’re thrilled to build on that original agreement with Los Angeles Unified to partner with the State of California to enable distance learning for hundreds of thousands of additional students across California.”

Educators rely on Verizon

Video image - Educators rely on Verizon


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