Win the Customer Experience war.

Watch the webinar "Winning the Customer Experience (CX) War" to learn the risks and rewards of next generation CX.

Understand what global customers really want.

A great customer experience (CX) has the power to set brands apart and secure greater market share. But delivering a stellar experience requires understanding what’s important to your customers through the data they share. What do they expect when they engage with your brand? And what do they want in exchange for sharing their personal data? 


say honesty and transparency of data use are critical to winning their trust


believe companies are requesting data for their own gain


would return to a company that offers personalized, intuitive CX, even if a rival is cheaper


cite discounts and promotions among the top paybacks they expect in return for sharing personal data

Find out the fundamentals of a successful CX relationship.

In 2019, Verizon partnered with Longitude, a Financial Times company, to survey consumers across 15 countries to find out what they view as important when starting and maintaining a CX relationship with a brand. Find out what they had to say in our exclusive 2019 customer experience report, "Winning the CX War."

Define your brand with a great customer experience.

Delivering a superior customer experience is essential in today's business environment.  After all, integrated CX solutions that are customer-centric - designed and executed with the customer's needs in mind - can boost satisfaction, retention, renewals and wallet share.

Intel is critical to winning customers
Win the CX war

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    A story of convenience.

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  • Europe: High-Stakes CX

    A tough nut to crack.

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  • APAC: The CX Optimists

    Forward thinkers.

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