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Business Continuity planning and solutions

Uncertain times can bring with them unforeseen challenges. We’re here with solutions that can help. Verizon’s flexible Business Continuity solutions help organizations of all sizes protect, strengthen and recover their important connections. These solutions cover various aspects of continuity, including connectivity, collaboration, security and more.

Together, we can build and execute a business continuity plan tailored to your unique needs, today and tomorrow. When you can rely on your network, you’re ready.

Business Continuity solutions

  • Stay connected.

    A key part of continuity is maintaining fast connections for your remote employees. Our reliable connectivity solutions connect, reinforce and secure remote workforces and operations during unplanned events.

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  • Enable collaboration.

    Interruptions don’t need to shut down your business. Verizon Business Continuity solutions offer remote employees powerful, on-demand collaboration tools and technologies to help them stay connected and productive where they work.

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  • Support for customers and the community.

    Unplanned events require you to be at your best. Verizon Business Continuity solutions enable you to provide exceptional support and care with flexible routing features that can  meet your changing organizational needs.

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  • Secure the business.

    An unfortunate reality of unplanned events is the rise of potential security risks. With Verizon Business Continuity solutions, you can activate digital defenses to help secure, control and protect your organization.

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  • Scale bandwidth.

    An increased number of remote and mobile employees means higher network volume and app usage. Together, we can work to boost your network capacity to handle more users and apps, so employees stay productive.

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Verizon IP latency

View the latency of core areas of our network using data collected by pings via the Internet Control Message Protocol.

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