Business Continuity
planning and solutions

Uncertain times can bring with them unforeseen challenges. We’re here with solutions that can help. Verizon’s Business Continuity solutions span business continuity planning needs, including connectivity, collaboration, security and more. Not to mention helping to keep public sector organizations connected to help them achieve their missions. Together, we can build and execute a business continuity plan that keeps you ready.  

Business Continuity solutions

Stay connected. +

Stay connected.

A critical component of continuity is maintaining connections for remote workers. Our reliable connectivity solutions connect, reinforce and secure remote workers operations during unplanned events.

Enable collaboration. +

Enable collaboration.

Interruptions don’t need to shut down your business. Verizon Business Continuity solutions offer remote employees powerful collaboration tools and technologies to be productive where they work. 

Support customers. +

Support customers.

Unplanned events require you to be at your best for customers. Verizon Business Continuity solutions allow you to provide exceptional support and care with dynamic routing features that support your changing business needs. 

Secure the business. +

Secure the business.

An unfortunate reality of unplanned events is the emergence of opportunistic digital threats. With Verizon Business Continuity solutions, you can activate digital defenses to help secure, control and protect digital assets. 

Scale bandwidth. +

Scale bandwidth.

Increases in remote and distributed employees in turn results in higher network volume and application usage. Together, we can work to shift network capacity to enable critical application and employee productivity. 

Voices from the field

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