Mitigate Risk and Maintain Continuity

Protect Patient Data and Maintain Healthcare Security

Protect business systems and health information with intelligence-driven security.

Better intelligence can yield better safeguards—for patients and the hospitals and businesses that serve them. Verizon gives healthcare organizations the insight they need to help protect confidential patient data from all types of healthcare security threats, from theft and misuse to sophisticated cyber attacks.

  • Find and remedy healthcare security vulnerabilities to help protect patient and business data.

  • With new regulatory requirements, more and varied devices, patient-accessible applications and the growing need for knowledge sharing, the job of protecting business and patient data in the healthcare industry gets more complicated all the time. We help hospitals, pharmacies and insurance organizations keep protected health information (PHI) safe from security threats. Using Verizon’s tested security solutions and best practices, we also identify and resolve blind spots and system weaknesses to help maintain business continuity in the face of an attack.

    We’re positioned as a leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services, Worldwide, and publish the annual Data Breach Investigations Report, an influential study on the state of technology security.

  • Use case example: Safeguard Clinical Information in the Cloud

    Proactive security helps reduce threats, address compliance.

  • Hospitals can benefit from data intelligence and network security from Verizon.

    A large hospital system needs to address information security challenges and better manage its compliance programs. By turning to Verizon Data Protection Professional Services, the hospital can leverage our expert consultants to help the organization classify, monitor and protect valuable patient data, such as PHI. And our Network Threat Monitoring can be used to monitor activity over the organization’s network and spot the signs of insiders misusing their privileges. These solutions, used in conjunction with secure mobile devices equipped with a Mobile Device Management solution on our secure 4G LTE network with LTE Advanced, help keep patient data secure and accessible. The hospital can also add Wireless Private Network to help improve the caregivers’ ability to easily and securely access records and meet patient needs.

  • 2018 Protected health information data breach report
  • 2018 Verizon PHI Data Breach report

    Lost and stolen laptops with unsecured public health information (PHI) continue to be easy targets for would-be attackers. See what else we discovered about data breaches in healthcare and learn the steps you can take to help protect against them.

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  • Use case example: Help keep Patient Data Secure on Mobile Devices

    Deliver mobile healthcare solutions securely and efficiently.

  • Providers can expand mobile solutions while protecting data.

    A healthcare provider needs to expand patient services and control costs by implementing a home monitoring program. It also needs to keep patient data secure. To overcome vulnerabilities, the provider can turn to our Internet of Things (IoT) Security Credentialing platform. Verizon can help this organization to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack on data and provide access to flexible tools and services that help maintain security for IoT apps and devices.

    Leveraging all the benefits of the mobile medical environment requires a secure and reliable network—and the Verizon 4G LTE network with LTE Advanced delivers on this. Our Mobile Device Management solutions help keep the provider’s data secure while helping improve productivity, and Verizon’s Mobile Device Enrollment program allows it to easily deploy and manage all of its mobile devices. With Verizon Enterprise Messaging, both the provider and its patients can be confident that information is kept secure. And by adding Wireless Private Network, the provider can improve its ability to easily and securely access data and meet patient needs.

  • Mobile Security Index 2018

    Are you ready to tackle mobile security?

    According to our research, five out of six organizations recognize they need to take mobile security more seriously. Learn how to assess your own environment and calibrate your mobile defenses.

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  • Transform your network for a healthier digital prognosis.

    Digital transformation in healthcare

    “Sixty-five percent of healthcare organizations believe they’re vulnerable to digital disruption. And that’s putting an onus on them to accelerate their digital efforts.”

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  • Healthcare: how the Internet of Things is changing the game

    From monitoring patients in the home to tracking equipment throughout a hospital and batches of drugs through the supply chain, the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping providers increase the access and efficiency of care to people around the world.

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  • 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report

    The 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report uncovers the biggest threats your sector faces and how you can prioritize your defenses effectively.

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