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Transform healthcare with intelligent connectivity solutions

How can care givers reach and stay connected to patients? How will clinicians and other care teams improve how they work together and share information? And how can you securely send health information to the right party at the right time? Connectivity is driving big changes in healthcare, and today’s most transformative organizations are investing in intelligent, data-driven healthcare technology solutions to help them reach their goals.

  • Enhance care, gain efficiencies and manage costs with Verizon healthcare technology solutions.

  • Organizations across the healthcare spectrum are looking for ways to capitalize on today’s data-driven healthcare ecosystem. Mobile, machine-to-machine and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can give your entire organization new healthcare IT capabilities—to reach patients and customers in new ways, reliably connect teams and people, and speed delivery of products and services. And by leveraging the data behind those connections, you can become a more adaptive organization.


  • Mobile Security Index 2018
  • Are you sacrificing mobile security for business efficiency?

    According to our research, almost a third of businesses did—knowingly. Learn more about the consequences, and why every organization should start taking mobile security more seriously.

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  • Personalize customer experiences

    Keep patients and clinicians engaged by expanding digital offerings.

  • Monitor and deliver services to patients with mobile applications. Enable remote collaboration for physicians and other care providers. Easily track and manage your organization’s assets and resources. See how other organizations achieved these goals by using our healthcare IT solutions to personalize customer experiences.

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  • Deliver the adaptive enterprise

    Drive high performing healthcare with high performing infrastructure.

  • There’s a lot riding on your organization’s ability to respond quickly and reliably to patients, customers and market conditions. Which means the people on the frontlines of your healthcare business need the infrastructure, bandwidth and devices to do their jobs more efficiently. See how we’ve helped businesses like yours use healthcare technology to spur innovation and become more competitive.

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  • Mitigate risk and maintain continuity

    Protect business systems and health information with intelligence-driven security.

  • More connectivity doesn’t have to mean more vulnerability. It’s possible to protect people, devices and data even as you expand mobile and IoT technologies like messaging and remote monitoring. Read about how our suite of healthcare security solutions have helped organizations like yours mitigate risk and maintain continuity while harnessing connectivity for business and customer benefits.

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  • 2018 Protected health information data breach report
  • 2018 Verizon PHI Data Breach report

    Did you know healthcare is the only industry where insiders are the biggest security threat to the organization? See what else we discovered about data breaches in healthcare and learn the steps you can take to help protect against them.

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  • Capitalize on a data-driven world

    Enhance care and spur growth with intelligent connectivity and healthcare analytics.

  • Mobile, machine-to-machine and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are redefining what’s possible in healthcare. From using wearables to track patient recovery, to managing hospital equipment with smartphones and tablets, new connectivity advances are unleashing productivity and revealing new opportunities for healthcare businesses like yours. See how our solutions have enabled other organizations to capitalize on a data-driven world.

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