Oil giant improves safety and remote monitoring. 

Satellite and M2M solutions help monitor leaks, flow rates and temperatures.


The company needed a better way to improve the safety and monitoring of remote on-shore and off-shore pipeline assets.

  • Some pipeline assets are located outside of wireless coverage
  • Data was required to be securely sent over hardened communications equipment
  • Remote pipelines needed 24/7 monitoring to meet stringent regulations


Our managed (VSAT) satellite and M2M solutions allow the company to maintain reliable connectivity for remote assets.

  • Connected remote pipeline assets with managed VSAT
  • Installed a managed M2M backup solution at sites where there was wireless coverage
  • Deployed hardened Verizon customer premises equipment (CPE) and Cisco routers


Verizon connectivity solutions helped the company proactively improve equipment performance, technician productivity, and safety and compliance at remote sites.

  • 400 managed VSAT connections at remote sites
  • 200 managed M2M connections for site backup
  • 24/7 active monitoring improved safety and uptime

How we built the solution.

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