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Enterprises that transform their networks are leading the digital transformation race. To join the leaders, you need to know what challenges stand between your business and success in your transformation initiatives.

Does your network enable fast deployment of new services, features and apps to create great customer experiences? Are you able to scale without limits to support your digital business? And certainly, how do you know you have the right security in place?


of digital leaders believe networking capabilities underpin digital transformation initiatives


of companies say SDN will enable them to design, deploy, manage and scale networks more quickly


of digital leaders trust their Communications Service Provider to enable their digital transformation


of Fortune 1000 companies trust Verizon services and technologies

Read how digital leaders are breaking down the barriers to digital transformation. 

IDC’s 2018 study Digital Transformation: Discover the Right Path to Avoid Hype and Disappointment* explores the opinion of senior-level, enterprise decision-makers about their organizations’ digital strategies and initiatives. Find out what they had to say. 

*Digital Transformation: Discover the Right Path to Avoid Hype and Disappointment, John Jackson, Courtney Munroe, September 2018

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