Voice Discount Promotion


Offer:  During Customer’s new term of service, a twenty percent discount on the following per-minute usage rates for Voice Services Domestic Inbound and Outbound Service (VOICE).


(A)       for VOICE rates based on both origination and termination type, the discount applies to:  (i) Outbound Service with both origination and termination that is either switched or dedicated, and (ii) Inbound Service with switched origination and dedicated termination;


(B)       for VOICE rates based on either origination or termination type but not both, the discount applies to:  (i) Outbound Service with either switched or dedicated origination, and to Inbound Service with dedicated termination


Eligibilty:  Customer must:


            enroll between May 26, 2004 and July 31, 2004;


execute an MCI Business Services I Agreement (Agreement) upon promotion enrollment with a term of service of at least two years and an annual volume commitment of at least $4.8 million, which must increase by at least $4.2 million the amount of the annual volume commitment in Customer’s previously existing MCI services agreement.


be an existing Customer who has not previously subscribed to Voice Services.; and


during the year preceding execution of the Agreement, have been subscribed to Company services at an average rate of at least $2,000,000 per month which included

audioconferencing usage at an average rate of at least 7 million minutes per month.


Other Conditions:  The Customer is not eligible to receive the benefit of any other discounts or other promotional offering on the Voice Services benefiting from this promotion.