USPL Acquisition Gift Card Promotion


Offer:  One American Express Gift Card per each new DS1 Private Line and DS3 Private Line  circuit (Promotional Circuit), subject to a maximum of five (5) American Express Gift cards for all new circuits, for Customers  under Verizon Business Services I (VBS I) or Verizon Business Services II (VBS II).  The value of each American Express Gift Card is based on the circuit type: 


Circuit Type

Gift Card Value per circuit


$    450




American Express Gift Cards are redeemable at the following merchants: Casio, Computer Direct, Franklin Covey, Hitachi, JVC, Kinkos/FedEx, Panasonic and Staples. 


Eligibility Requirements:


The Promotional Circuit must be ordered under a Verizon Business services agreement (Agreement) with a minimum of one year remaining on its Term;


commit to keep the Promotional Circuits in service for a minimum of one year; and,


enroll between; May 18, 2007 and July 31, 2007.



Customer hereby commits to keep each Promotional Circuit in service for a minimum of one year.  If Customer terminates a Promotional Circuit before it has been in service for one year, Customer will pay an early termination charge equal to the value of the Gift Card received for that Promotional Circuit.


American Express Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash and are subject to expiration dates and other conditions set by American Express as identified on the card.