Private Line Two Step IXC Promotion


Beginning January 1, 2001 and ending December 31, 2001, the Company will offer the following promotion to new and existing customers of Private Line Service who subscribe to new Digital Private Line Service (DPLS), Terrestrial Digital Service-1.5 (TDS-1.5), Voice Grade Private Line (VGPL), WorldCom DS-0 (Digital Signal Level 0) Service (DS-0) or WorldCom DS-1 (Digital Signal Level 1) Service (DS-1) under a new term of service that equals or exceeds one year (Promotional Circuits).


To be eligible to receive the benefits of this promotion, the customer must place an order for installation of all Promotional Circuits on or before December 31, 2001 and request that all Promotional Circuits be installed on or before February 28, 2002.


During each monthly period of a customer’s new term of service, the customer will be charged the following monthly recurring per-circuit charge per Promotional Circuit installed, based on circuit type and Inter-Office Channel (IOC) or route mileage:


                                                                  IOC/Route Mileage                   

Circuit Type         1 - 499          500 - 1000             1001+


DPLS                  $   400              $   500              $   600

DS-0                        400                   500                   600

DS-1                     4,500                5,500                6,500

TDS 1.5                4,500                5,500                6,500

VGPL                      400                   500                   600