“On The Network” Lit Building Access Promotion


Offer:  The following monthly recurring per-circuit Local Access Channel charges for new DSO (Hubless) Access (DS0), T-1 Digital Access (DS1), DS-3 Local Access (DS3), SONET Access (OC3) and OC12 Local Access (OC12) local access circuits for which the local loop is furnished in whole via Company-owned facilities, based on circuit type and, for DS3, OC3, and OC12 circuits, the Customer’s term of service:


Circuit Type            Term of Service (Years)         Monthly Recurring Charge


DS0                                         1+                                           $   100

DS1                                         1+                                                200

DS3                                         1 or 2                                        2,000

DS3                                         3 or 4                                        1,600

DS3                                         5                                                1,500

OC3                                        1 or 2                                        4,000

OC3                                        3 or 4                                        3,500

OC3                                        5                                                3,000

OC12                                      1 or 2                                        8,000

OC12                                      3 or 4                                        7,000

OC12                                      5                                                6,000


In addition, the following monthly recurring local loop charges and additional one-time non-recurring charges will apply for new DS1, DS3, OC3, SONET Access OC 3c (OC3C), E-1, OC12, OC 12c, GigE or OC48 Local Access (OC48) circuits (i) for which the local loop is furnished in whole via Company-owned facilities, (ii) which are located in a building that is served in whole via Company-owned local loop facilities which contains a Company Point of Presence (POP) for interstate service and (iii) which are installed under a term of service which equals or exceeds one year, based on circuit type:


                       Charge Type                                    

Circuit Type                   Monthly Recurring                         Non Recurring


DS0                                   $25                                                    $100

DS1                                     50                                                      250

E-1                                    100                                                      250

DS3                                   150                                                      500

OC3/3c                             300                                                      500

OC12/12c                         500                                                      500

GigE                                  500                                                      500

OC48                                500                                                      500


Eligibility Requirements:  A Customer must:


enroll between January 1, 2003 and October 31, 2006; and,


request installation of all new service no later than November 30, 2006 to occur no later than March 31, 2007.


Other Conditions:


Customers receiving the benefits of this promotion may not receive: (i) discounts on circuits other than standard Access Term Discounts for DS0 and DS1 circuits, (ii) the benefits of “On the Network” 2 Lit Building Access Promotion and this promotion on the same circuit, and (iii) may not receive the benefits of Product Packages Guide Types 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20 or 21.