“On The Network” 4 Lit Building Access Promotion


Offer:  The following monthly recurring per-circuit Local Access Channel charges and additional one-time non-recurring charges for new DSO (Hubless) Access (DS0), T-1 Digital Access (DS1), DS-3 Local Access (DS3), SONET Access (OC3) and OC12 Local Access (OC12) local access circuits for which the local loop is furnished in whole via Company-owned facilities, based on circuit type, and Customer’s term of service:


Circuit Type           Term of Service (Years)         Monthly Recurring Charge            Non Recurring


DS0                             1                                                  $        40                                  $      200

DS0                             2                                                            30                                          200

DS0                             3+                                                          20                                          200

DS1                             1                                                          120                                          200

DS1                             2                                                          110                                          200

DS1                             3+                                                        100                                          200

DS3                             1                                                       1,200                                       3,000

DS3                             2                                                       1,100                                       3,000

DS3                             3+                                                     1,000                                       3,000

OC3                            1                                                       3,000                                       3,000

OC3                            2                                                       2,400                                       3,000

OC3                            3+                                                     1,800                                       3,000

OC12                          1                                                       6,000                                       3,000

OC12                          2                                                       5,000                                       3,000

OC12                          3+                                                     4,000                                       3,000


In addition, the following monthly recurring local loop charges and additional one-time non-recurring charges will apply for new  DS0, DS1, DS3, OC3, SONET Access OC 3c (OC3C), E-1, OC12, OC 12c, GigE or OC48 Local Access (OC48) circuits, excluding Metro Private Line Access Service, (i) for which the local loop is furnished in whole via Company-owned facilities, (ii) which are located in a building that is served in whole via Company-owned local loop facilities which contains a Company Point of Presence (POP) for interstate service, and (iii) which are installed under a term of service which equals or exceeds one year, based on circuit type:


                       Charge Type                                    

Circuit Type                   Monthly Recurring                         Non Recurring


DS0                                        $    25                                        $   200

DS1                                              50                                             200

E-1                                             100                                             400

DS3                                            150                                          1,000

OC3/3c                                      300                                          1,000

OC12/12c                                  500                                          1,000

GigE                                           500                                          1,000

OC48                                         500                                          1,000


Eligibility Requirements:  Customer:


must enroll between February 1, 2005 and April 30, 2006;


must receive the service which receives the benefits of this promotion under a term of service which equals or exceeds one year;


must request installation of all new service no later than May 31, 2006 to occur no later than September 30, 2006; and,


may not use the service which receives the benefits of this promotion for redundancy.


Other Conditions:  Customer may not receive the benefits of the Lit Building Access Migration Promotion, “Reach the Network” Tiered Access Promotion, “On the Network” Lit Building Access Promotion, and “On the Network” 3 Lit Building Access Promotion.


Customer may not receive any other discounts on the monthly recurring charges that receive the benefits of this promotion