North America Promotion 13


Beginning April 1, 2001 and ending March 31, 2002, the Company will offer the following promotion to new customers of WorldCom On-Net Voice Services.


Eligibility:  To be eligible to enroll in this promotion, the customer must:


subscribe to WorldCom On-Net Voice Services Feature Option 2 under a new  WorldCom On-Net Voice Services Term Plan;


have a business location in Canada or Mexico at which the customer receives Company or Company-affiliate service throughout the customer's WorldCom On-Net Voice Services Term Plan term of service; and,


not receive the benefits of the Long Distance Only Promotion or the Regional Checkbook Promotion VII.


Benefits:  Customers enrolled in this promotion are eligible to receive the following benefits during the term of service of the customer's WorldCom On-Net Voice Services Term Plan:


Beginning upon the later of promotion enrollment or May 15, 2000, in addition to the discounts for which the customer qualifies under the WorldCom On-Net Voice Services Term Plan, customers will receive a 15 percent discount on interstate WorldCom On-Net Voice Services Outbound Service and Inbound Service usage.