New Customer Incentive Promotion (1 Year Term)


Offer:   Credit, not to exceed $135,000 per Customer, which Customer may elect to: i) receive as a credit on an invoice or ii) have deposited in Customer’s Fund account, which equals five percent (5%) of Customer’s annual volume commitment.  The credit may not be applied against taxes, charges for unauthorized calls, prior outstanding balances owed to the Company, termination charges or underutilization charges or disputed charges. 


For Customers who elect to receive the credit as an invoice credit, the credit will be applied in the fourth monthly period following execution of Customer’s written contract for service with the Company for service under this promotion; 


For Customers who elect to receive the credit as a Fund deposit, the credit will be applied within 30 days of the date Customer’s contract for service including this promotion becomes effective.


Eligibility:  Customer must:


add this promotion to Customer’s contract for service between May 2, 2007 and January 31, 2008, which contract is signed or accepted by both parties shortly thereafter, for installation within 30 days of order (or by Company’s quoted installation date if later);


execute a new contract for service after May 1, 2007 in which Customer  subscribes under a Term commitment which equals one year to Company Audio Conferencing, U.S. Private Line Services, Frame Relay ServicesLong Distance Voice Services, Global Private Line, Metro Private Line Access Service, Internet Dedicated Services, Enterprise Mobility Dial Access, Enterprise Mobility Dial Access - Solo, Internet Dedicated Ethernet, Internet DSL and Cable Services, IP VPN Dedicated Services,  Voice over IP, Private IP Service, MCI Legacy Company-provided ATM  service and/or MCI Legacy Company-provided exchange service;


not be receiving service under a Company contract for any of the services listed above at the time of enrollment in this promotion;


Other Conditions: 


If Customer terminates all services under this promotion within the first 90 days after the contract for service becomes effective, the Customer will not be eligible for the credit and must reimburse Company for any credits already received and applied.  Any unapplied credit amount at the time of termination of service will be forfeited by Customer.  Standard Fund provisions apply.