Verizon New Customer Migration Promotion II


Offer:   Credit, not to exceed $135,000 per Customer, which Customer may elect to be deposited into Customer’s Fund account, which equals 5 percent of Customer’s annual volume commitment.


Eligibility:  Customer must:


enroll between December 1, 2003 and September 30, 2006;


execute a contract for MCI Legacy Company-provided service after December 1, 2003 under which Customer subscribes under term of service which equals two years to Cross-Border Private Line Services, U.S. Private Line Services, Frame Relay Services, Global Private Line, Metro Private Line Access Service, Internet Dedicated Services, Enterprise Mobility Dial Access, Internet ISDN, Enterprise Mobility Dial Access - Solo, Internet DSL and Cable Services, IP VPN Dedicated , IP VPN Remote Services – IPSEC, Secure Gateway – Mobile User, Voice over IP, Private IP Service, MCI Legacy Company-provided ATM service and/or MCI Legacy Company-provided exchange service; and,


demonstrate to the Company’s reasonable satisfaction that it will accept a competitor's offer in the absence of any further inducement from the Company to subscribe to, or remain subscribed to MCI Legacy Company-provided service.


Other Conditions: 


Customer may not receive the benefits of Verizon New Customer Migration Promotion I, Verizon New Customer Migration Promotion III, Verizon New Customer Migration Promotion IV, Verizon New Customer Migration Promotion V, and Verizon New Customer Migration Promotion VI.


If Customer terminates the term of service prior to receipt of the credit, the Customer will not be eligible to receive the credit.  For credit not deposited in the Fund, unapplied credit amount at the time of termination of service will be forfeited by Customer.  Standard Fund provisions apply.