Verizon Business Services No-Commit Option Promotion


Offer:  During the 12 monthly periods following installation of all service installed under this promotion the rates, charges and discounts applicable to a one year term commitment and $600,000 per annual period volume commitment under Product Packages Guide Type 21 and Guide Type 23.


Eligibility:   Customer must:


enroll in prior to September 30, 2008; and,


install all service which receives the benefits of this promotion with 90 days of promotion enrollment.      


Customer’s use of Company service per monthly period at the time of promotion enrollment does not exceed an amount equal to the greater of (i) $2,000 and (ii) 10 percent of Customer’s monthly telecommunications service usage requirements (as measured in dollars).


Customer must demonstrate to the Company's reasonable satisfaction that:


in the absence of any further inducement from Company, Customer will accept an offer to subscribe to, or remain subscribed to, another carrier’s service;


(i) Customer’s requirements for telecommunications service usage obtained at the time of promotion enrollment under term agreement(s) with carriers other than Company which will expire during the 12-month period following promotion enrollment equal or exceed $25,000 per monthly period and that the agreement(s); and, (ii) Customer will make good faith efforts to enter into agreement with Company for provision of those telecommunications service upon expiration of those agreement(s).


Other Conditions:


Customer may not receive the benefits of a Special Customer Arrangement (SCA) or any other Product Package or promotional offering other than Product Packages Guide Types 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23, Install Waiver Promotion, Verizon Business Services Billing Guarantee, Verizon Business Services Install Guarantee, Regional Plus Frame Relay Promotion any promotional offering which provides benefits on Audio Conferencing.