Lit Building Access Migration Promotion


Offer:  The following one-time credit for each DSO (Hubless) Access (DS0), T-1 Digital Access (DS1), DS-3 Local Access (DS3) circuit and/or SONET Access (OC3) circuit for which the local loop is not furnished in whole via Company facilities which, following promotion enrollment, the Customer permits the Company to convert to facilities furnished in whole via Company-owned facilities, based on circuit type; and an additional, one-time credit in the following amount for each DS0, DS1, DS3 circuit and OC3 circuit which suffers a service outage, as determined with the Company's sole discretion, during such conversion of facilities:


Circuit Type                     Credit


DSO                             $   100

DS1                                   250

DS3                                1,000

OC3                               1,500


Eligibility Requirements:  A Customer must:


enroll between February 1, 2003 and March 31, 2006;


represent to the Company’s satisfaction, as determined with the Company's sole discretion, that it would not permit conversion of facilities without further inducement;


request conversion of all facilities no later than April 30, 2006 to occur no later than May 31, 2006; and,


agree to allow the Company and its subcontractors and their respective employees and agents access to Customer or Authorized User premises at which service is being or will be provided (including access to associated equipment).


Other Conditions:


Customers who terminate a circuit which receives the benefits of this promotion prior to the expiration of the term of service for that circuit will be billed and required to pay an amount equal to 200 percent of the credits provided under this promotion for that circuit.