LD Voice – Interstate Promotion for Small Business


Subject to the conditions set forth below, Customers ordering Long Distance Voice Services Domestic Inbound Service with wireline termination and/or Long Distance Voice Service Domestic Outbound Service  with wireline or Verizon Wireless termination (the “Promotional Services”) provided by Company under a Verizon Business service agreement (Agreement) will receive the following promotional per-minute rates specified in the table below for the Term of the Agreement, based on the Customer’s Term commitment period in the Agreement:



Long Distance Domestic Inbound and Outbound Origination with Wireline Termination

Long Distance Domestic Outbound Origination with Verizon Wireless Termination*

Term Commitment


Local Network Connection



Local Network Connect


2 Years





3+ Years





*To receive these promotional rates the affected Verizon Wireless phone numbers must be provided to and verified by Customer’s Verizon sales representative at the time the order for the Promotional Service is placed.




1.   Customer must sign or currently be in a VBS II or VBS III Agreement with a minimum Term commitment of two years.


2.   This promotion must be included in the Customer’s Agreement, which must be executed by the Customer and submitted by July 31, 2009.


3.   Orders may be expedited, but applicable expedite fees will apply.


4.   This promotion is applicable only for Promotional Services located entirely within the U.S. Mainland.  Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and any foreign countries are not eligible.


5.   This promotion may not be used in conjunction with any of the following promotions on the same Agreement:  LD Voice – Outbound 60; LD Voice - Inbound 60; LD Voice – 20K Minute Packages for T1/PRIs (BSG); LD Voice – 300 / 500 / 800 Minute Packages for Business Lines and Trunks (BSG); LD Voice - Wireline to Wireless (all plans) and the PRI BizPak Promotions. In addition, the benefits of this promotion can not be used with the Flex T1 Promotion on the same circuit.


6.   Unless explicitly stated otherwise, promotional rates are in lieu of all other discounts.