LD Voice – Inbound 60 Promotion


Offer:  Customers contracting for Long Distance Voice Services provided by Company for the first time will receive:


(1)        Credit: a credit equal to two months domestic Verizon Business Services (VBS) I, VBS II and VBS III Inbound Toll Free Service (Domestic Inbound Service) usage, as described further below, in each succeeding 12-month period (not to exceed a total of three credits) following the date on which the domestic Inbound Toll Free Service pricing becomes effective for Customer, during the Term of its master agreement.  The credit will be provided in accordance with the following table, with the month in which the Domestic Inbound Service pricing becomes effective as Month 1, and will be applied to Domestic Inbound Service usage charges.   The amount of the credit is equal to two times the Customer’s average monthly Domestic Inbound Service per-minute usage charges (regardless of local carrier) for the 3-month period specified in the following table:


12-Month Period

3-Month Period for Calculating Average Domestic Inbound Service  Monthly Per-Minute Usage

Month in which Credit is Provided

Months 1 – 12

Months 6 through 8

Month 9

Months 13 – 24

Months 18 through 20

Month 21

Months 25 – 36

Months 30 through 32

Month 33




(2)        Reductions: 


a reduction in the Other Monthly Recurring Charge per service group (i.e., per service number) for Business Line Termination from $30.00 to $15.00; and


a reduction in the Monthly Recurring Charge for the Combined Feature Package offered in Option C-2 from $50.00 to $35.00.


Eligibility:  The Customer must sign and submit a service agreement (or amendment) for Domestic Inbound Service  including this promotion between October 1, 2008 and July 31, 2009.


Other Conditions:   


·         A Customer receiving the benefits of this promotion may not receive the benefits of Special Customer Arrangement Guide Type 1.


·         This promotion is applicable only for Domestic Inbound Service within the 48 contiguous states.  Service originating or terminating in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and any foreign countries is not eligible for this promotion and is excluded from the credit and monthly recurring charge reduction benefits described above.


·         Existing Customers must have a minimum of 33 months remaining in the term of their agreement to receive 3 credits; 21 months remaining to receive 2 credits and at least 9 months remaining to receive 1 credit.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Customer terminates all Domestic Inbound Service  upon which the credits under this promotion are calculated before all of the credits under this promotion are issued to Customer, any unissued credits are forfeited and not owed.