LD Voice-Combo Benefit Promotion


Offer:  Company ILEC Local Customers contracting for Long Distance Voice Services provided by MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business Services (LD Service) for the first time will receive a credit (equivalent to two months Outbound LD Service usage, as described further below) in each succeeding 12-month period (not to exceed a total of three credits) following the date on which the LD Service pricing becomes effective, during the Term of its master agreement.  The credit will be provided in accordance with the following table, with the month in which the LD Service pricing becomes effective as Month 1, and will be applied to Outbound LD Service usage charges (regardless of local carrier).  The amount of the credit is equal to two times the Customer’s average monthly Intra-LATA toll, intrastate and interstate outbound LD Service per-minute usage charges for the 3-month period specified in the following table:




3-Month Period for Calculating Average Outbound LD Service Monthly Per-Minute Usage, By Billing Platform

12-Month Period

Month in which Credit is Provided

All Billing Platforms

(except the IXPlus platform)

IXPlus Billing Platform

1 – 12

Month 9

Months 6 through 8

Months 5 through 7

13 – 24

Month 21

Months 18 through 20

Months 17 through 19

25 – 36

Month 33

Months 30 through 32

Months 29 through 31


Eligibility:  The Customer must:






Other Conditions:   Customer may not receive the benefits of Product Package Guide Type 1.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Customer terminates all Outbound LD Service upon which the credits under this promotion are calculated before all of the credits under this promotion are issued to Customer, any unissued credits are forfeited and not owed.