LD and Local Online Free Month Promotion


Offer: Credits: (i) equal to the Customer’s per-minute usage charges in the ninth monthly period following promotion enrollment for Feature Option 1 WorldCom On-Net Voice Services usage carried via New ANI’s; and, (ii) applied against domestic, interstate usage equal to the standard tariffed monthly recurring charges and usage rates in effect for the Customer’s exchange service provided by the Company or an affiliate of the Company in the ninth monthly billing period following promotion enrollment.


Eligibility:  The Customer must:


enroll between May 17, 2002 and June 30, 2002 in response to a Company solicitation for this promotion and must subscribe to this promotion via a Company-designated Internet site; and,


be a subscriber to LD and Local Online Calling Plan.


Definitions of Terms:  For purposes of this promotion only, a New ANI is defined as an ANI which the Customer presubscribes to Company service during the promotional enrollment period and which was not presubscribed to Company service during the 90-day period preceding promotion enrollment.