IP Communications/Frame Relay Bandwidth Jump Promotion


Offer:  Standard WorldCom Frame Relay monthly recurring charges for ports at the port speed immediately lower than the port speed for New Service will be charged during the customer's term of service.


Eligibility:  A Customer:


must enroll between August 16, 2001, and March 16, 2002;


must be an existing Customer of WorldCom Frame Relay under a term and volume commitment with at least 12 monthly periods remaining in the term of service, except that Customers with three or fewer monthly periods remaining in the term of service must subscribe to a new or extended term of service which equals or exceeds  12 monthly periods;


subscribe to IP Communications Managed Services for all ports which receive the benefits of this promotion under a term of service which equals or exceeds 12 monthly periods (New Service);


must make a request to the Company later than April 30, 2002 for installation of all New Service;


may not receive service under a Special Customer Arrangement; and,


may not receive the benefits of any other promotional offering on WorldCom Frame Relay, IP Communications or Managed Services.