Global Takeaway Promotion


Offer:  Credits equal to: Company-billed non-recurring installation charges, excluding expedite charges, for New Service; and, the Customer’s monthly recurring charges for New Service during the first two monthly periods following installation of New Service.


Definitions:  For purposes of this promotion only, the following definitions apply:


Initial Term:  The term plan term of service into which the Customer enters upon promotion enrollment.


New Service:  International Frame Relay Service ports and PVCs and associated local access installed at new Customer locations under this promotion during the Initial Term.




A Customer must enroll between July 18, 2002 and October 31, 2002.


New Customers must subscribe to New Service under a term plan with a term of service which equals or exceeds one year.


Existing Customers with no more than three monthly periods remaining in a term plan term of service must subscribe to a new term plan term of service which equals or exceeds one year and a volume commitment which exceeds the Customer’s existing term plan volume commitment.


Other Conditions:  Customers receiving service under this promotion may not receive the benefits of Express Rate International Inbound Promotion and Express Rate Promotion 2.