General Installation Waiver Promotion


Subject to the Conditions below, Company will waive the non-recurring installation charges for eligible services in the table below (or in the case of Local Services (CLEC) service, the nonrecurring charges of the types listed in the table below) and for related local loop access service (if any) provided by a U.S. MCI Legacy Company under Customer’s master service agreement.


Eligible Services

Exclusions To Eligible Services

(without limitation)

Network Services Local Access Service -

DS0 (Hubless) Access, T-1 Digital Access and DS-3 Local Access only

·   OCn and Higher

·   International Network Access Local Access

·   Cross Border Leased Line Service

·   Converged Ethernet Access

·   Non-recurring charges for special construction and network diversity

Company-provided ATM


Enterprise Mobility Dial Access


Ethernet Private Line – National

·   Ethernet Private Line (Metro and International)

·   Ethernet Private Line (Access)

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) – CPA-based – EVPL – National and EVLP – Metro only


·   Ethernet Virtual Private Line (International)

Frame Relay Service (Domestic and International)


·   Frame Relay Extension

Global Data Link Service



Internet Dedicated Services -

T1, NxT1 and T3 only

·   Internet Dedicated OC3 and Higher

·   Internet Dedicated Ethernet

·   Internet Dedicated Fast Ethernet

·   Internet Dedicated GigE

Long Distance Voice Services

·   Features(Packages and Ala Carte)

·   TF/DA Listing

·   ITFS Service Fees

·   UIFN Registration

Local Services (CLEC)



  • Account Setup
  • Account Charges (including moves, changes, additions and billing record changes)
  • Line Connection Charges (Local Line, Local Trunk-Basic, Local Trunk DID, Local Trunk 2 way Direct)
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)/2 way Direct Installation for blocks of DID/2 way direct numbers
  • Non-recurring charges for Local ISDN-PRI T1 installation and optional features
  • Selective Call Screening non-recurring charge
  • Non-recurring charges for Optional Features
  • Additional Telephone Number Listing (set up charge)
  • Alternative Call Listing (set up charge)
  • Restoral charges (customer and company charges on the rate calculator)
  • Toll Restrictions (set up charge)
  • Call Assistance Install (set up charge)
  • Voice-mail - NUMS (National Unified Message Service)





·   Disaster Recovery

·   Expedite fees

·   Non-Listing Install/Non- Published Service Install

·   Telecommunications Service Priority

·   Usage charges

·   Monthly Recurring Charges

·   Surcharges

·   Charges imposed by third parties -

·   Includes access, egress, jack, or wiring charges

·   All Governmental Charges


Private IP Service (Domestic and International)


·   Private IP Satellite Access

·   Private IP - Dynamic Bandwidth Maintenance feature

·   Private IP - Geographic Gateway and Router Diversity features)

Private IP Layer 2


Secure Gateway –

Universal Port only

·   Secure Gateway Hardware Client

·   Secure Gateway Management Only

·   Secure Gateway Out Of Band Modem

·   Secure Gateway Firewall (Custom)

U.S. Private Line Services


Virtual Private LAN Service  (VPLS)






1.   This Promotion must be included in the Customer’s master service agreement, signed and submitted by January 31, 2010.


2.   New circuits (or equivalent service units) are eligible for this promotion.


3.   Existing circuits (or equivalent service units) that are upgraded to an eligible port type/speed are eligible for this promotion.


4.   Customer commits to paying for the new circuit (or equivalent service unit) of the eligible service to which the benefits of this promotion apply (each a “Promotional Circuit”) and the associated local access loop, for a minimum of 1 year.


·         Customers who terminate any Promotional Circuit or the associated local access loop before one year will be billed and required to pay all charges otherwise waived under this promotion.


5.   Orders may be expedited, but applicable expedite fees must be paid. 


6.   Customer will receive this promotional waiver benefit on any eligible service provided under this promotion during the Term of the agreement of which it is a part.  Other charges, including without limitation usage charges, monthly recurring charges, expedite charges, change charges, surcharges, any charges imposed by third parties (including access, egress, jack, or wiring charges), taxes or tax-like surcharges, or other Governmental Charges will not be waived.