Frame Relay Upsize Promotion


Offer:  For each installed Frame Relay Service port (Existing Port), up to two, which the Customer reconfigures to the next higher port speed upon promotion enrollment:


monthly recurring charges equal to the standard Domestic Monthly Recurring Charge for the Existing Port during the Customer’s new term of service; and,


waiver of the reconfiguration charge.


Eligibility Requirements: 


A Customer must:


enroll between May 19, 2003 and August 31, 2003;


be an existing Customer receiving Frame Relay Service under a term of service  with no more than three monthly periods remaining in the term and must request the upgrade during that 3-month period;


subscribe to the ports which receive the benefits of this promotion under a new term of service which equals or exceeds one year; and,


place an order for installation of the ports, which received the benefits of this promotion on or before September 30, 2003.


Other Conditions: 


The benefits of this promotion will not apply to ports which are changed, moved or reconfigured during the Customer’s new term of service following promotion enrollment.


Customer may not receive the benefits of any other discounts or promotional offering on all service which receives the benefits of this promotion other than Special Customer Arrangements (SCA) Guide Types 2 though 9.