Frame Relay Tip Off 2 Promotion


Offer:  Beginning April 1, 2001 and ending January 31, 2002, the Company will offer the following promotion to existing customers of Frame Relay Service who subscribe to a networkMCI One Term Plan and/or a Feature Option2, Feature Option 3A and Feature Option 3B WorldCom On-Net Voice Services Term Plan. (Term Plan.)


Eligibility Requirements:  To be eligible to enroll in this promotion, the customer must:


be receiving service under an existing Term Plan; and,


enroll between April 1, 2001 and January 31, 2002.


In order to receive the benefits of this promotion on existing MWFR, a customer must:


be receiving service under a Term Plan with no more than three monthly periods remaining in the term of service and must subscribe to a new Term Plan with a term and volume commitments which equal or exceed the customer's existing Term Plan commitments (New Service); and,


request installation of all New Service no later than February 28, 2002.


Promotional Benefits:  During each monthly period of a customer’s Term Plan term of service following enrollment in this promotion, the customer will receive the following discounts on monthly recurring port and PVC charges for New Service, based on Term Plan term of service:


       Term of Service (Years)                         Discount


                      1                                             10%

                      2                                             20

                      3                                             25