Service Potentiality Promotion


Beginning March 18, 2003, this promotion is not available to new Customers of the promotion.  Customers obtaining Private Line Interexchange Services from other carriers that provide Company with notice of eligibility will obtain a discount of at least 1% and up to 5% with respect to DS-0, 56 Kbps DDS and FT-1 Interexchange Service and at least 2% and up to 5% with respect to DS-1 Interexchange Service then ordered, and subject to at least a one (1) year Service Commitment Period in addition to the applicable discount set forth in the discount schedules in Section IV. 2. Company's determination of the discount shall be evenly proportionate to the type of IXC, aggregate Base Rate charges represented by such order, length of Service Commitment Period, Requested Service Date(s) and volume of similar services then obtained by Customer from other carriers.  The relevant discount shall be wholly additive, such that if the applicable discount in the relevant discount schedule for the IXC in question is 5%, a 3% discount under this Potentiality Promotion plus 5% would equal 8%.  Customer's eligibility for this promotion will be conditioned upon Customer's timely providing Company satisfactory documentation regarding the level of other Private Line Service then obtained by Customer from other carriers and Customer's credit standing.