Ethernet Private Line (EPL) Metro Hot Spot Promotion  


Subject to the conditions below, Customers who order new Verizon Business Ethernet Private Line - Metro circuits with the eligible bandwidths shown in the table below (Promotional Circuits) will receive the following promotional monthly recurring charge (MRC) during the Term of their Agreement based on the length of the Term Customer committed to in the Agreement (Promotion):



Term Length

Non-Recurring Installation Charge

1 Year

2 Year

3 Year

4 Year

5 Year






150 Mbps







600 Mbps







1000 Mbps










1.   The Promotion must be included in the Customer’s Agreement, signed and submitted by July 31, 2009.


2.   Promotional Circuits must be located in LATAs 132, 224 and 358.


3.   Orders may be expedited but expedite fees will apply.


4.   Unless stated otherwise, the promotional rates set forth herein are in lieu of all discounts.


5.   Customer commits to paying for each Promotional Circuit for a minimum of 1 year.  If Customer disconnects a Promotional Circuit before the end of 1 year, Customer will pay an early termination charge of 75% of the applicable MRC times the number of months remaining in a 1 year period.