DSL Integrated Promotion


Offer:   During each monthly period of a Customer’s Term Plan term of service following enrollment in this promotion, the Customer will be charged the following monthly recurring charges for New Service, in lieu of standard tariffed monthly recurring charges for Frame Relay Service ports and PVCs and Enterprise Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Access, based on port speed and DSL service type:


      Service Type/Monthly Charge         

Port Speed (kbps)   Basic Service            Premium Service


                 128                           $   N/A            $   450

                 256                                415                 565

                 384                                450                 750

                 512                                565                 940

                 768                                675              1,200

               1024                                790              1,465

               1536                                940              1,915

               3072                             1,500              2,965

               5120                             2,250              4,315

               7168                             3,000              5,665


Eligibility:  The Customer must:


enroll between September 1, 2002 and December 30, 2002;


be a an existing Customer of networkMCI One and/or a new or existing Customer of WorldCom On-Net Voice Services; and,


be a new Customer of Frame Relay Service within the U.S. Mainland associated with DSL facilities (New Service) under a new Frame Relay Pricing Plan, networkMCI One Term Plan or WorldCom On-Net Voice Services Term Plan (Term Plans).


Other Conditions:


At least one New Service PVC must be used for Company- or Company-affiliate-provided Internet (IP) service or ATM service.