DS1 US Private Line Credit Promotion (2-Year Term)


Offer:  For new and existing Customers under Product Package Guide Types 2-5, Product Package Guide Types 6-9, Verizon Business Service I (VBS I) or Verizon Business Services II (VBS II) who order new DS1Private Line circuits that originate and terminate within the U.S. Mainland (Promotional Circuits), a credit of $130 per month, applied to each Promotional Circuit,  beginning in the 3rd month following circuit activation   The first credit will also include payments for months 1 and 2.   In months 4 through 24, Customer will receive a credit of $130 per month.  The below table describes how the credit will be applied:


Term Length

Months Credit is Applied

Monthly Credit Amount

Total Credit Applied

2 Years

3rd Month


$   390

Months 4 - 24





Total     $3,120


Access local loop charges are excluded.  At least one access local loop used to connect to the circuit must be located at a site in one of the following:


CLLI locations.


Eligibility Requirements:  Customer must:


commit to a minimum of two years for a new or renewal Verizon Business Services Agreement (Agreement), or have a minimum of one year remaining on its existing Agreement;


commit to a minimum of two years for new interstate DS1 US Private Line Service Promotional Circuits;


enroll in this promotion between August 18, 2006 and  January 31, 2009 (Enrollment Period);


sign an Agreement incorporating this promotion no later than February 28, 2009; and,


order each Promotional Circuit no later than March 31, 2009,  to be installed no later than May 31, 2009.


Other Conditions:


Customers receiving the benefits of this promotion may not receive the benefits of special pricing or discount, or Verizon New Customer Migration Promotion I, Verizon New Customer Migration Promotion II, Verizon New Customer Migration Promotion III, Verizon New Customer Migration Promotion IV, Verizon New Customer Migration Promotion V, or Verizon New Customer Migration Promotion VI. 


Orders may not be expedited.


 Access local loop charges are excluded from this promotion. 


If Customer terminates any Promotional Circuit ordered through this promotion before its minimum two-year commitment has expired, except for termination for Cause, such termination shall not be effective until 30 days after Company receives written notice of termination. (Termination Date). In addition to paying all accrued but unpaid charges for the Promotional Circuits incurred through the Termination Date, for each Promotional Circuit terminated Customer may be required to pay, within 30 days after such Termination Date: (a) an amount equal to 75 percent of the monthly recurring charges remaining in the minimum two-year commitment; plus (b) all fees or early termination fees  imposed by the access line provider, if any; plus (c) a pro rata portion of any and all credits received by Customer. However, in no event will Customer’s total termination liability exceed the full contract value of the terminated Promotional Circuit.  If Customer terminates any Promotional Circuit before receiving any credit, that credit is forfeited and is not owed to Customer.