Digital Venture Program Promotion


Offer:  Discounts and credits in each monthly billing period of a Customer's Promotional Commitment Period, based on a Customer's Term Plan monthly volume commitment and term of service, as follows.


In lieu of Term Plan discounts, the Customer will receive the following discounts on WorldCom On-Net Voice Services Feature Option 1 Outbound Service and Inbound Service usage:



                        Volume                            Term of Service/Discount          

                        Commitment            1-Year             2-Year              3-Year


$  10,000                       17%               19%                25.5%

$  15,000                       18                  20                    26.0

$  25,000                       20                  21                    27.0

$  50,000                       22                  23                    28.0

$100,000                      24                  25                    30.0


The Customer will receive a credit applied against domestic, interstate usage equal to the following percentages of the Customer's monthly recurring and usage charges for exchange service provided by an affiliate of the Company, excluding Operator Assisted usage:



                        Volume                            Term of Service/Discount          

                        Commitment            1-Year             2-Year              3-Year


$  10,000                         9%               12%                15%

$  15,000                         9                  12                    15

$  25,000                       11                  14                    17

$  50,000                       13                  16                    19

$100,000                      19                  22                    25


Eligibility:  A Customer must:


enroll prior to September 30, 2002;

have been in business fewer than three years;

have fewer than five employees;

have a business plan that forecasts at least 25 percent year-over-year spending growth  in ecommunications and IP services;

be a for-profit corporation whose stock is not publicly traded;

demonstrate to the Company's reasonable satisfaction that it can satisfy all the Eligibility requirements;

commit to use service under this promotion for a period of 60 months following promotion enrollment (Promotional Commitment Period);

subscribe to a new WorldCom On-Net Voice Services Feature Option 1 Term Plan under a one, two or three year term of service with a monthly volume commitment of $10,000, $15,000, $25,000, $50,000, or $100,000 (Term Plan)

have received  substantial funding from a venture capital firm or similar entity specializing in venture investments to develop profitable business operations, such that the company could not operate in any manner without the funding.  The venture capital firm or similar entity from which the Customer has received the funding must be in the business of investing in newly created enterprises for the return of equity, preferred shares, royalties and/or some combination thereof.; and,

satisfy the following Company Usage Minimum Requirement:


in each annual period of the Promotional Commitment Period, the Customer's Company and Company-affiliate usage must equal or exceed 70 percent (as measured in dollars) of the Customer's telecommunications service requirements.


Other Conditions:


The provisions of WorldCom On-Net Voice Services Term Plan will apply to the Customer's Term Plan except that: the Term Plan will not automatically renew upon expiration of its term; and, in each annual period of the Promotional Commitment Period in which the Customer satisfies the Company Usage Minimum Requirement, the Underutilization Charges and Early Termination Charges will not apply.


If during a period less than or equal in duration to the Customer's Term Plan term of service during the Promotional Commitment Period, a Customer's charges for use of Company and Company‑affiliate service (including certain other products and excluding on-time and non-recurring charges) equals or exceeds the Customer's total Term Plan volume commitment, (as calculated on a quarterly, semi‑annual, annual or other basis), the Customer may terminate service under this promotion prior to the expiration of the Promotional Commitment Period.