D Street Local Loop Promotion


            Offer:  During each monthly period following a Customer's enrollment in this promotion in which the Customer remains subscribed to D Street Voice Service Calling Plan and Promotional Access Service:


a $250 Local Access monthly recurring charge per T-1 Digital Access circuit used for either voice service or dedicated access to the Internet, exclusively, (Promotional Access Service) in lieu of standard Local Access monthly recurring charges and all other discounts and rates; and,


the Company will waive the Switched WATS Termination and Business Line Termination and Dedicated Access Termination service fee per service group.


            Eligibility:  All Customers must:


enroll between December 20, 2001 and ending March 31, 2002;  and,


enroll via a Company‑designated Internet site.


           Customers who subscribe to voice service must:


be a new customer of Feature Option 1 WorldCom On-Net Voice Services; and,


must subscribe to D Street Voice Service Calling Plan.


            Other Conditions:   The Customer may not receive any other discounts or the benefits of any other promotional offering.