Conferencing Term Plan H Promotion


Offer:  The following term plan:


1.         Term Commitment:  Customer must commit to a term of service of one year.  Upon expiration of a Customer’s term of service, service shall continue under this plan for a term of service equal to the expired term unless Customer provides the Company notice of termination of service under the plan at least 60 days prior to the expiration of the term of service.


2.         Volume Commitment:  Customer may elect an annual volume commitment of one of the following amounts:  $30,000, $60,000 $120,000, $180,000, and $240,000. Customer's annual audioconferencing and Voice Services Videoconferencing charges must equal or exceed its volume commitment.


3.         Usage Charges:  The following charges apply, in lieu of all other rates.


3.1     Conferencing Calling:  Customer will be charged the following per-minute per-bridge port rates, based on annual volume commitment, Service Level and access method, for Conferencing Calling usage within the U.S. Mainland, Alaska and Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in lieu of all other rates:


                                         Service Level/Access Type/Charge                                       

                                              Premier Level                        Standard Level             Instant Meeting/Unattended

                                                    Toll Free                                 Toll Free                        Dial Out/

Annual Volume                              Meet Me/                               Meet Me/                Toll Free Meet Me/

Commitment         Dial Out          Toll Meet Me       Dial Out       Toll Meet Me                 Toll Meet Me


             $30,000            $0.3879                $0.3086          $0.2352             $0.2130                         $0.1083

              60,000             0.3782                 0.3009           0.2293              0.2077                          0.1056

             120,000             0.3688                 0.2934           0.2236              0.2025                          0.1030

             180,000             0.3596                 0.2861           0.2180              0.1974                          0.1004

             240,000             0.3506                 0.2790           0.2126              0.1925                          0.0979


3.2       audioconferencing International Dial-Out Access:  Customer will receive the following discounts on per-minute per-bridge port charges for international Dial-Out Access usage, based on annual volume commitment:


Annual Volume Commitment               Discount


$  30,000                                                    7%

$  60,000                                                     9

$ 120,000                                                  11

$ 180,000                                                  13

$ 240,000                                                15


3.3       Instant Replay Plus:  Customer will be charged the following per-minute per-caller rates for access to Instant Replay Plus replays:


Rate Per Minute




3.4       Net Conferencing:  Customer will be charged the following per-minute per-participant rates for Net Conferencing usage:


Without SSL            With SSL        


     $0.25                       $0.32


3.5       Videoconferencing Services:  Customer will be charged the following per-minute per-site Dial Out Service transport charge and port usage charge for domestic Voice Services Videoconferencing per 112/128 kbps channel usage, excluding service which terminates in Guam:




Port Usage                                                       $0.90

Transport                                                             0.35


3.6       Except as set forth in this Section, Customer may not receive discounts on audioconferencing and Voice Services Voiceconferencing charges.  All other charges will be at list rates.


Eligibility Requirements:  Customer must enroll between January 1, 2004 and June 30, 2004.