Checkbook Promotion 2003


Offer:  A credit, not to exceed $100,000 per Customer, in an amount reasonably responsive to a competitor's offer for telecommunications service.


Eligibility:  A Customer must:


enroll between June 1, 2003 and November 30, 2003;


subscribe to AudioconferencingCross Border Private Line Services,

Data Center Services, Domestic Private Line Services, Frame Relay Service, International Private Line Service, Internet Dedicated Services, Internet Dial Corporate, MCI Advantage Service, Metro Private Line Access Service, On-Net Voice Services, Company-provided exchange service, Company-provided ATM service, Company-provided Private IP service, Company-provided IP VPN and/or DSL service under a new 1-, 2- or 3-year term of service or an extension for two or three years of an existing term of service; and,


demonstrate to the Company’s reasonable satisfaction that it will accept a competitor's offer in the absence of any further inducement from the Company to subscribe to, or remain subscribed to Company service.


Other Conditions: 


The Customer may not receive any discounts, other than those set forth in Special Customer Arrangements (SCA) Guide Types 6 through 10 and Product Package Guide Types 11 and 12, or the benefits of any other SCA, product package or promotional offering.


The credit may not be applied against taxes, charges for unauthorized calls, prior outstanding balances owed to the Company, termination or underutilization charges associated with term plans or program commitments, or disputed charges. 


If a Customer terminates the term of service prior to the month the credit is to be applied, the Customer will not be eligible for the credit and any unused credit amount at the time of termination of service will be forfeited by the Customer.


This offer is limited in an amount to $100,000 per Customer no matter how many separate accounts may be established, or have been established, with the Company.