Bundled Internet & LD Promotion


Offer:  In each monthly period of a Customer's term of service, a $325 monthly recurring per‑circuit charge for each new channelized T‑1 Digital Access circuit installed under this promotion which remains subscribed to service and is used for the following only: access for WorldCom On-Net Voice Services service; and, dedicated access to the Internet via no more than six channels.


Eligibility:  The customer must:


enroll between July 1, 2001 and June 30, 2002;


be a new customer of WorldCom On-Net Voice Services Feature Option 2, Feature Option 3A and Feature Option 3B;


commit to a receive Company service under this promotion under a term of service that equals or exceeds one year and an annual volume commitment which equals or exceeds $6,000;


place an order, no later than July 31, 2002, for installation of all T‑1 Digital Access to occur no later than August 31, 2002.


Other Conditions:


Customers who terminate service under this promotion prior to the expiration of the Customer's term of service will be billed and required to pay an early termination charge in an amount equal to the Customer's annual volume commitment for each annual period remaining in the term of service.


Customers enrolled in this promotion: are not eligible to receive the benefits of any other promotional offering or discount provided by the Company or a Company affiliate, except for E Promotion and Odyssey Tiered Access Promotion; and, may not subscribe to a Special Customer Arrangement (SCA), except SCA Type 4 and SCA Type 6 formerly under MCI WORLDCOM Communications, Inc. Tariff FCC No. 6.