Audioconferencing Preferred Pricing Promotion


Offer:  Reduced per-minute per-bridge port usage charges for domestic Unattended Toll Free Meet Me Access and Unattended Toll Meet Me Access audioconferencing from networkMCI Conferencing usage via Instant Meeting Service ports during the 12 monthly periods following promotion enrollment, as follows:


Method                                              Rate


Toll Free Meet Me Access                  $0.28

Toll Meet Me Access                            0.24


Eligibility Requirements:  A Customer must:


enroll between May 21, 2001 and August 17, 2002; and,


be a new customer of Metered Use Service Option QQ (audioconferencing from networkMCI Conferencing).


Other Conditions:


Customers who continue to subscribe to Instant Meeting Service upon expiration of the initial promotional benefit period will receive the benefits of this promotion for an additional 12-month period.


Customers receiving the benefits of this promotion may not receive the benefits of any other promotional offering on Option QQ service.