Prior to August 1, 2001, service was furnished under WIDSI Tariff FCC No. 7 filed with the Federal Communications Commission and now canceled.  Beginning August 1, 2001, service is being furnished pursuant to this Guide and any underlying written contract between the Company and the Customer.


     Please note the following regarding this important change.


·       WIDSI Tariff FCC No. 7 was amended on June 23, 2001 to incorporate new or revised General Definitions and new or revised General Terms and Conditions of Service contained in WorldCom Tariff FCC No. 1.  Like the service in former WIDSI Tariff FCC No. 7, these General Definitions and General Terms and Conditions are now part of this Guide and, therefore, are part of customer service contracts.  Some of the definitions and terms and conditions contained in former WIDSI Tariff FCC No. 7 are reflected in the General Definitions and General Terms and Conditions of Service and, accordingly, were removed from the former tariff at the time of detariffing on July 31, 2001. This explains why there may be omissions or “gaps” in the service information previously found in WIDSI Tariff FCC. No. 7 and currently contained in this Guide.


·       Except as noted in the preceding paragraph, the text of this Guide replicates the information contained in former WIDSI Tariff FCC No. 7 on July 31, 2001.


·       If there is an inconsistency between a General Definition or a General Term and Condition, a service-specific definition or term and condition, or a definition and term and condition contained in a written contract between the Company and the Customer, the relationship with the Customer will consist of the following, in order of precedence from (1) through (3): (1) the definition or term and condition in the written contract; (2) the service-specific definition or term and condition; and (3) the General Definition or Term and Condition.  An “inconsistency” will be deemed to include any instance in which a service-specific definition or a service-specific term and condition has no counterpart in the General Definitions or the General Terms and Conditions of Service.


·       The Company may change the Guide from time to time and any change made will be binding on customers after fulfillment of the notice period set forth in Section 7.B of the General Terms and Conditions.


Any reference to “tariff” within the text of the Guide shall mean “Guide.”





















































                          EXPRESSNET SERVICE





     This tariff contains regulations and rates applicable to the furnishing of interstate private line services by the Company, among the Company's terminals identified in Section 4.7, and the extension of such channels to customer stations within the continental United States via facilities provided by other authorized common carriers.



For the purposes of this tariff the following definitions shall apply.









Bit:  Denotes the smallest unit of information in the binary system.


BPS:  Bits per second.


Cancellation of Order:  The withdrawal by the customer of an order for service prior to completion of installation by the Company.













Discontinuance:  The disconnection of a circuit, dedicated access line or port connection being used for existing service.  (This differs from a Cancellation of Order).


ExpressNet Terminal:  Any city in which ExpressNet service terminates.


F1/F2 Modem:  Frequency shift modem utilized for transmission of asynchronous data services through voice grade facilities.


ITMC:  A Company International Test and Maintenance Center.


Local Access Administration:  Provides for the design, ordering, installation coordination, pre-service testing, service turn-up and maintenance on a Company or customer provided local access channel. 


Local Access:  A dedicated arrangement which connects a customer location to a Company terminal location.


Two-Way Transmission:  The capability of transmission in either direction or in both directions at once.


Two-Wire Circuit:  A circuit using two one-way carrier transmission paths, plus one wire-pair.



3.1  Description of Service


     ExpressNet service is an asynchronous data communication service provided among the Company's terminals in the cities listed in Section 4.7.


3.2  Undertaking of the Company


     Scope:  The services described herein are provided on a 7 days per week, 24 hours per day basis, for an initial minimum term of two consecutive months.


     Availability of Facilities:  With regard to the services provided under this tariff:


          1.  Service is offered subject to the availability of facilities and the provisions of this tariff. Notwithstanding any other provision in this tariff or in any contract that incorporates the tariff, in whole or in part, the Company may (a) deny customer requests for services or facilities and thereby limit or allocate its furnishing of such services or facilities, or (b) limit or allocate the facilities available to, or capacity utilized by, any particular service, service option, or class of service in aggregate, if necessary, in order to: (i) manage its network in an efficient manner; (ii) meet reasonable customer service expectations; and, (iii) furnish service to existing and future customers based on current and projected available capacity, taking into account forecasted customer requirements.


          2.  The Company's obligation under this tariff is to furnish service consisting of facilities and equipment that is exclusively of the Company's choosing.  Unless otherwise provided for in this tariff or in any other contract pertaining to service provided under this tariff, the Company may substitute facilities or equipment used to furnish service, or substitute comparable service for any service furnished under this tariff, at any time.


3.3 Limitations and Liability of the Company


     (A) The Company's liability to the Customer or to any third party for loss or damage arising from mistakes, omissions, interruptions, delays, errors, or defects in transmissions, whether or not due to the Company's negligence or fault (except willful misconduct), will not exceed the pro rata amount of the monthly charge attributable to the affected transmission.  This liability shall be in addition to any amounts that may otherwise be due the Customer under this tariff as an allowance for interruptions.  These conditions and limitations apply to all special, consequential, indirect or incidental damages arising from or connected with the services covered by this Tariff.


          The Company will have no liability for any loss or damage arising from any act or omission of the Customer or of any other person, corporation or entity furnishing a portion of the service, equipment or facilities; or from causes beyond the Company's reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, fires, floods and other catastrophes, strikes, work stoppages, power failures, civil disturbances, national emergencies, wars and governmental direction.


     (B)  The Company shall be indemnified and saved harmless by the customer against all claims for libel, slander, or infringement of copyright arising from the material transmitted over the channels or facilities; against claims for infringement of patents arising from, combining with, or using, in connection with channels or facilities furnished by the Company, apparatus and systems of the customer and against all other claims arising out of any act or omission of the customer or in connection with channels or facilities furnished by the Company.


     (C)  The Company is not liable for any act or omission of any other carrier or company furnishing a channel, facility or service interconnected with or provided in conjunction with the Company's channels or facilities.












3.4  Provision of Facilities


     (A)  The Company will furnish all facilities necessary to provide service to the customer, except that a customer may provide his own station equipment for use with the service furnished by the Company.


     (B)  The Company undertakes to maintain and repair the facilities which it furnishes.  The customer may not rearrange, disconnect, remove or attempt to repair any facilities furnished by the Company, or permit others to engage in such activity on his or her behalf, without the prior consent of the Company.


     (C)  Facilities provided by the Company may be interconnected with those of any other communications carrier.


3.5  Use of the Service




















3.6  Liability of the Customer


     (A)  The customer shall be responsible for any damages to the facilities of the Company caused by the negligence or willful act of the customer.


     (B)  The customer shall be responsible for reimbursing the Company for any losses sustained attributable to theft or vandalism of facilities occurring on the customer's premises.


     (C)  The customer shall indemnify and save harmless the Company against claims for libel, slander or infringement of copyright arising from the material transmitted over the circuit, and against all other claims arising out of any act or omission of the customer in connection with the facilities provided by the Company.


3.7  Obligations of the Customer


     The customer is responsible for:






     (B)  Obtaining permission for the Company's employees or agents to enter the premises of the customer at any reasonable hour for the purpose of installing, inspecting, repairing, or upon termination of the service, removing the facilities of the Company.


     (C)  Making the Company's facilities available for periodic maintenance at a mutually agreed upon time.  No credit allowance will be given for service interruptions necessitated by such facility maintenance.






3.8  Term of Commitment


     ExpressNet Service is furnished for an initial minimum term of two consecutive months.


3.9  Payment of Charges


     (A)  The Company will render invoices monthly in advance.





     (C)  Installation charges are payable at the time of establishing service.


     (D)  Applicants for service who have no account with the Company or whose financial responsibility is not a matter of general knowledge, may be required to make an advance payment at the time an application for service is placed with the Company equal to the installation charges, if applicable, and at least two months estimated charges for the service to be provided.  In addition, where the furnishing of service involves an unusual investment, applicants may be required to make payment in advance for the estimated cost of the installation.  The amount of the advance payment is credited to the customer's account as applying to any indebtedness of the customer for the service furnished.


(E)   When service does not start on the first day of the calendar month, the charge for the fractional part of the monthly billing period during which service is furnished will be the proportionate part of the monthly charge based on the fractional monthly billing period to thirty days




3.9.1     Interruption Credits


          Upon receipt of a request from the customer, credits for interruptions of service are included on the bill for the second month following the month of the outage.  The Company will not be liable for interruption credit in any case where the claim for credit is not presented to the Company within 90 days after the day on which the interruption occurred.



























3.10 Discontinuance of Service


     3.10.1    Discontinuance by the Customer


               (A)  To discontinue an existing service, the customer must provide at least thirty (30) calendar days written notice of discontinuance measured from the date the written notice is received by the Company. Such written notice must be mailed to or physically delivered to the customer's sales representative. Such notice must contain:


                    1.   The lease number of the circuit to be terminated.

                    2.   The date when service is to be discontinued.

                    3.   The customer contact name and telephone number.


               (B)  The customer will continue to be responsible for all charges, including administrative, engineering

                    and other expenses, associated with discontinuance of service, until the date of actual discontinuance, whether or not the service is used.


               (C)  In the event the customer has elected to have the Company order access or other facilities as the agent of the customer, the customer shall remain responsible for all charges (non-recurring and recurring) imposed by the providing carrier, including early discontinuance charges, if any.  Such carriers may have Notice Periods different from those of the Company.


     3.10.2    Discontinuance by the Company  The Company may discontinue the furnishing of service(s) to a customer, without incurring any liability under the following conditions.

           Immediately and without notice if the Company deems that such action is necessary to prevent or to protect against fraud or to otherwise protect its personnel, agents, facilities or services.  The Company may discontinue service pursuant to Section if:


                         (A)  The customer refuses to furnish information  to the Company regarding the customer's credit-worthiness, its past or current use of common carrier communications services or its planned use of service(s); or


                         (B)  The customer provides false information to the Company regarding the customer's identity, address, credit-worthiness, past  or current use of common carrier communications services, or its planned use of the Company service(s); or


                         (C)  The customer has been given written notice by the Company of any past due amount (which remains unpaid in whole or in part) for any of the Company's other common carrier communications services to which the customer either subscribes or had subscribed or used.     Immediately upon written notice to the customer of any sum thirty (30) days past due.     Thirty (30) days after sending the customer written notice of noncompliance with any other provision of this tariff if the noncompliance is  not corrected within the thirty (30) day period. The discontinuance of service(s) by the Company    pursuant to this Section does not relieve the customer of any obligation to pay the Company for charges due and owing for service(s) furnished up to the time of discontinuance, including all  expenses and fees (including reasonable attorney's fees and collection agency fees) incurred by the Company in connection with the collection of any unpaid sum owed to the Company.


3.11 Cancellation of Application for Service


     (A)  When an application for service is cancelled by the customer, except where there is special construction of facilities, the customer will be liable for all local exchange carrier charges incurred by the Company on behalf of the customer plus a cancellation charge of $1,000.


     (B)  In addition to the charges in (A) above, where special construction of facilities has started prior to cancellation, and no other requirement exists for the specially constructed facilities, a charge equal to the costs incurred in the special construction, less net salvage, applies.


          For example, the Company incurs a cost of $2000 for special construction of facilities, for which there is no other requirement, for a customer which subsequently cancels their application for service.  Upon this cancellation, the Company determines that the net salvage value of these facilities is $1000.  The cancellation charge therefore is:


                         $2000 - $1000 = $1000


     (C)  Special construction work or installation of facilities for a customer is considered to have begun when the Company incurs any expense in connection with the application for service.


3.12 Calculation of Charges


     (A)  In computing the charges for service, no charge is made for the first full or partial calendar day on which the service is made available to the customer; the day on which the service is withdrawn is charged as a full day.


     (B)  The Company may adjust its rates and charges or impose additional rates and charges on its customers in order to recover amounts it is required by governmental or quasi‑governmental authorities to collect from or pay to others in support of statutory or regulatory programs. Examples of such programs include, but are not limited to, the Universal Service Fund, the Primary Interexchange Carrier Charge, and compensation to payphone service providers for the use of their payphones to access Company service.


3.13 Local Access Administrative Charges


     (A)  Services and facilities furnished under this tariff may be connected, on the premises of the customer or on the premises of the Company, to private line service facilities furnished by other authorized domestic or international carriers in accordance with the terms, conditions and regulations set forth in the tariffs of such other authorized carriers.


          Service furnished by the Company is not a joint undertaking with any other authorized carrier.  The customer will make all arrangements with such other carriers furnishing services or facilities which are interconnected with services and facilities provided by the Company.  The Company will, however, when requested to do so by the customer, make the necessary arrangements with a domestic carrier for landline extensions.  In completing such arrangements on behalf of the customer, the Company shall be deemed to be the authorized agent of the customer and, in addition to the charges applied by the domestic carrier, there shall be a charge of $10.00 per month for each extension obtained and billed by the Company.


     (B)  The Company does not represent that the services furnished under this tariff are suitable for connection with services furnished by other authorized carriers.  Any costs for equipment or for other special arrangements required to achieve interconnection or to achieve compatibility between interconnected services or facilities will be borne by the customer.









3.15 Interruptions of Service


     Allowances for interruptions of service will be made in accordance with the following provisions, with the exception that no credit will be allowed for any interruption which is not under the Company's span of control.  This includes an interruption caused by the negligence of the customer or failure of the facilities or equipment furnished by the customer, including the facilities and services of other carriers.


     (A)  The length of the interruption shall be measured from the time it is reported or becomes known to the Company.


     (B)  For the purpose of determining the amount of allowance or credit for an interruption every month is considered to have thirty days (30).


     (C)  No credit will be allowed for interruptions of service of less than 24 consecutive hours.  For interruptions of service in excess of 24 consecutive hours, a credit allowance will be given based on .033 times the monthly rental charges for each consecutive 24 hours or major fraction of 24 hours thereafter during which time service is interrupted.


     (D)  In the case of interconnected circuits, a credit allowance will be granted only on the circuit which is interrupted.


     In granting credit for an outage, the Company does not grant credits against charges for access facilities.


3.16 Delay in the Provision of Service


     3.16.1    Delay of Service by the Customer


               (A)  A customer may, upon written notice to the Company, delay the scheduled in-service date of an order involving the installation or reconfiguration of a service, up to a maximum of thirty (30) consecutive calendar days after the original order due date.


               (B)  The customer will remain responsible for all charges (including those for access facilities and facilities obtained from other carriers or providers) which are incurred by the Company on behalf of the customer during the delay period.


               (C)  After an initial 30 consecutive calendar days of delay, the customer has the option to:


                    1.   accept billing for the service, or


                    2.   cancel the order and pay the applicable cancellation charge, or


                    3.   continue the delay for an additional 30 day period, subject to the agreement of the Company, and continue its responsibility for all charges (including those for access facilities and facilities obtained from other carriers or providers) which are incurred by the Company on behalf or the customer during the delay period.


               (D)  If the customer elects to accept billing, the installation or reconfiguration will be completed as soon as reasonably practical after the customer gives the Company written notice to proceed.


     3.16.2    Delay of Service by the Company


               If an order is delayed beyond its scheduled in-service date for more than thirty (30) consecutive calendar days, and such delay is not requested or caused by the customer, the customer may cancel the order without liability for cancellation charges.


3.17 Design Changes


     If the customer requests a design change after installation has started, but prior to the start of service, a design change charge will apply equivalent to $150 or the actual expense incurred by the Company as a result of the design change, whichever is greater.


3.19 Change in Service Arrangement


     (A)  Installation charges apply to the initial connection of a customer termination to an ExpressNet terminal.


     (B)  The minimum service period for service continued in use is determined from the date of initial installation.  The customer will receive continuous service credit toward the minimum service period where the service arrangement remains intact when the customer's identity is changed due to corporate merger or sale.

4.0  RATES




In addition to other service-related charges, FUSF, Administrative Expense Fee applies.


4.1  The monthly recurring charge for ExpressNet private line circuits operating at speeds of up to 1200 bps between customer stations located in the cities listed in Section 4.9 will be composed of two rate elements:


          (a) Mileage Charge


          (b)  Station Termination Charge


     4.1.1     Mileage Charges


     The following mileage charges apply for ExpressNet private line circuits between the Company's operating centers in the cities listed in Section 4.7 following:



                                              Rate Per Mile

          50 to 75 bps:                         Per Month 


          First Mile                             $88.00    

          Next 99 Miles                           0.89    

          Next 150 Miles                           0.66    

          Next 250 Miles                           0.50                         Next 500 Miles                           0.33

          Each Additional Mile                    0.22         


          110 to 150 bps


          First Mile                              88.00    

          Next 99 Miles                           1.00    

          Next 150 Miles                           0.73                         Next 250 Miles                           0.55

          Next 500 Miles                           0.39

          Each Additional Mile                    0.28         


          300 bps


          First Mile                            110.00    

          Next 99 Miles                           1.07    

          Next 150 Miles                           0.77

          Next 250 Miles                           0.61

          Next 500 Miles                           0.44

          Each Additional Mile                     0.33         



                                               Rate Per Mile

          1200 bps                               Per Month


          First Mile                            $132.00   

          Next 99 Miles                            1.45

          Next 150 Miles                            0.94   

          Next 250 Miles                            0.53        

          Next 500 Miles                            0.40        

          Each Additional Mile                      0.32        




          The mileage for a 50 bps channel between two ExpressNet operating centers is 175 miles.  The charge for this channel is calculated as follows:


          Charge for the first Mile     =               $88.00

          Charge for the next 99 Miles  =    (99 x .89)  88.11

          Charge for the next 75 Miles  =    (75 x .66)  49.50


          TOTAL                         =              $225.61



     4.1.2     Station Termination Charge


          The monthly charge is $30 per customer station termination. The customer is required to have an F1/F2 modem on his or her end of the line for service up to 300 bps.  Service at 1200 bps has unique modem requirements which will be specified at the time of order.


4.2  Hubbing Surcharge


     Customers will be assessed a $10 per month surcharge for each line hubbed at a Company central office.


4.3  Installation Charges


     A one-time installation charge of $75.00 will apply to each customer station termination at the time it is initially connected.


4.4  Installation of Access Loops


     The subscriber will be charged for the installation of access loops in accordance with the rates established by the relevant Local Exchange Carrier or another access provider.


4.5  Channels Between New York and Piscataway, NJ


     ExpressNet channels between New York and Piscataway, NJ are free of charge to the customer for channel speeds up to, but not including, 1200 bps.


     Rates for 1200 bps extension channels are calculated at the ExpressNet service rates.


4.6 Channels From Piscataway, NJ


     Customers who order 10 or more 1200 bps ExpressNet channels between Piscataway, NJ and any other serving city will be charged a flat rate of $300 per channel regardless of the mileage. All standard installation and modem charges will apply.


4.7  Computation of Mileage Charges


     Mileage charges between cities listed below are computed in accordance with the following formula:


Mileage = √((V1 – V2)2 + (H1 – H2)2)/10


     Which states that mileage is equal to the square root of one-tenth of the sum of the squared difference between the Vertical coordinates and the squared difference between Horizontal coordinates listed in Section 4.7.


4.8  Service Availability:  ExpressNet Service is available from       the following cities:



          Cities                              V         H


          Atlanta, Georgia                   7260      2083  

          Blaine, Washington*                6037      8975  

          Boston, Massachusetts              4422      1249  

          Chicago, Illinois                  5986      3426       

          Cleveland, Ohio                    5574      2543   

          Dallas, Texas                      8436      4034   

          Denver, Colorado                   7501      5899   

          Detroit, Michigan                  5536      2828   

          Detroit POC, Michigan*             5537      2826   

          Hartford, Connecticut              4687      1373   

          Hicksville, New York               4944      1345   

          Honolulu, Hawaii                  11591     15609

          Houston, Texas                     8938      3536   

          Kansas City, Missouri              7028      4212   

          Los Angeles, California            9213      7878   

          Miami, Florida                     8351      0527   

          Minneapolis, Minnesota             5781      4525  

          Mooers Fork, New York*             4215      1929  

          Newark, New Jersey                 5015      1430  

          New Orleans, Louisiana             8483      2638   

          New York, New York**               4997      1406                       Peace Bridge, New York*            5074      2334   

          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania         5251      1458       

          Piscataway, New Jersey             5085      1434

          Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania           5621      2185   

          Portland, Oregon                   6799      8914   

          Queens, New York                   4986      1395   

          Rochester, New York                4913      2195   




  *  Gateway for connection to channels serving Canada


 **  Gateway for connection to international channels to the Atlantic Ocean Region.



          Cities                              V         H


          San Francisco, California***       8492      8719   

          Seattle, Washington                6336      8896   

          Stamford, Connecticut              4897      1388   

          St. Louis, Missouri                6807      3482   

          Washington, D.C.                   5622      1583   

          White Plains, New York             4921      1416  




***  Gateway for connection to international channels to the Pacific Ocean Region.

5.0  NETWORK SERVICE ARRANGEMENTS                            


5.1  The following rates and regulations apply for

     Network Service Arrangement for the provision

     of a minimum of ten (10) 1.2 kbps ExpressNet

     Channels between the Company's terminal in

     Piscataway, New Jersey and the cities listed in

     Section 5.1.2, Rates.


5.1.1     Rate Regulations


Service is provided for a minimum service period of five years.


If the customer cancels service prior to the completion of the minimum service period, or if the customer's Network Service Arrangement falls below the 10 channel minimum, the customer's termination liability will be equal to the difference between the monthly charges set forth in Section 4.0, Rates, and those listed in Section 5.1.2 below multiplied by the number of months of service taken.


Upon expiration of the minimum service period, Network Service Arrangements will automatically revert to the monthly charges set forth in Section 4.0, Rates.


5.1.2     Rates                                                   


          The following monthly rates apply to the

          portion of the service provided by the

          Company between the Company's terminal

          in Piscataway, New Jersey and:


                              Monthly Charge

          Terminal            Per Channel


          Seattle                 $1199

          Portland                 1210

          San Francisco            1249

          Los Angeles              1211

          Houston                  882

          Chicago                  633

          Detroit                  539

          Washington, DC            374

          Charlotte                648

          St. Ann, MO              780

          Toronto                  357

          Vancouver                357

          Wellesley, MA            358