The rate of the Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) charge will equals the FUSF rate established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), as it changes from time to time.


As of the last Guide publication date, the FUSF surcharge is equal to 21.2% percent of all eligible telecommunications and interconnected VoIP service the charges, excluding Taxes, appearing on a Customer’s invoice. The FUSF surcharge applies to telecommunications services subject to direct regulation by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), as well as to interconnected VoIP. Company imposes the FUSF charge to recover amounts it incurs for contributions to the FCC for the federal government’s Universal Service funding programs. This is a Company charge, not a Tax or fee that the government requires Company to collect.


 A Customer will not be required to pay the FUSF charge if it demonstrates to the Company’s reasonable satisfaction that it is acquiring the Company’s services for resale, i.e., not for its own internal use, and is contributing directly into the federal government’s Universal Service funding programs.


The FUSF will: (i) be calculated after the application of promotional and other discounts; (ii) not be eligible to receive promotional or any other discounts; (iii) not be included to determine satisfaction of usage volume requirements; (iv) be calculated based upon the rates and charges applicable to the Customer's total interstate and international usage, unless otherwise specified; (v) not apply to Taxes, tax‑like, and/or tax‑related surcharges as defined or described in the Publication; and (vi) not apply to calls using Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) or to calls originated by certified Customers with hearing or speech impairments.