Rapid Response Retainer SOWs, Forms and Professional Services Descriptions*


Rapid Response Retainer SOW, click here


Rapid Response Retainer Forms


      For Customer IP Address Schedule, click here

      For Engagement Letter, click here

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Rapid Response Retainer Cyber Incident Capability Assessment choices:


      Executive Breach Simulation

      Cybersecurity First Responder’s Training

      Incident Response Plan Assessment

      Network Health Check


Rapid Response Retainer Add-On Capabilities:


      Network Telemetry Analysis

      Dark Web Hunting

      Endpoint Telemetry Analysis

      Backbone NetFlow Collection


Rapid Response Retainer Professional Services Descriptions, please see the following:


      Governance, Risk and Compliance – Security Consultation options:

o   Contact your Investigative Liaison for more information


      Payment Card Industry – Security Consulting Options:

o   Payment Card Industry (PCI) Consulting


      Security – Infrastructure – Security Consulting options:

o   Contact your Investigative Liaison for more information


      Threat and Vulnerability Management – Security Consulting options:

o   Application Vulnerability Assessment

o   Internal Network Penetration Testing

o   Wireless Vulnerability Assessment


      RISK Services – Security Consulting options:

o   Attack Detection Assessment

o   Incident Response Capability Assessment

o   Emergency Services

o   Espionage Health Check

o   Incident Analytics

o   Malcode Analysis

o   Retail Health Check


* For U.S. Customers Only - To view any pending changes or changes that have recently taken place for this service, please see What’s New.  U.S. Services means Services provided under a Contract incorporated in the U.S.