Linear Global Data Link Service




1.         Description. Linear Global Data Link (Linear GDL) is a point-to-point full circuit private line service as further described below. Linear GDL circuits provide a non-restorable (linear) connection that is available without backup capacity. Local Access service is required and is provided by MCI Legacy Company pursuant to a separate service attachment (e.g., Network Service Local Access Services, Metro Private Line Access Servicesor through a third party for local access provided both within and outside the United States).  Linear GDL services includes Digital services, DS3 (Digital Signal Level 3), which transmits at 44.736 Mbps. One DS3 channel provides the equivalent information handling capacity of 28 DS1 channels or 672 voice equivalent circuits.


2.         Availability. Outside the U.S. Mainland, Company provides Linear GDL service only to specified geographic areas, based on Company Points of Presence that support Linear GDL. Availability is subject to legal, regulatory, equipment, geographic, technical, and other limitations or conditions affecting the service. Outside of the United States, Linear GDL service is also subject to the laws and regulations of the foreign country where the circuit terminates.


3.         Linear GDL Service Between the U.S. Mainland and Canada and Mexico. In addition, Linear GDL service may be limited by technical and non-technical service limitations of Canadian or Mexican carrier(s).


II.         DEFINITIONS: The Online Definitions apply:


III.        FEATURES AND OPTIONS: The following additional features and options may be available:


1.     SONET and Wave Services. Linear GDL also offers SONET and Wave services with Company’s approval on an individual case basis where available and upon Customer’s request. SONET provides optical private line services with synchronous optical network (SONET) transmission at speeds of 155 Mbps (OC-3), 622 Mbps (OC-12), and 2.488 Gbps (OC-48). Wave service is provided over Company’s optical fiber network using Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM). Wave service is provided with Transparent (Transparent Synchronous Frame), Ethernet, and OTN customer interfaces at speeds of 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps, and 100 Gbps. 


2.     Special Routing.  Linear GDL Circuits may be provisioned with the following Special Routing types:

·        Mandatory Route. With Mandatory Route, Company will restricts the route a circuit can take to the extent that the circuit must pass through specific locations. With Mandatory Route, Company will route a circuit only through the specific locations identified in the Linear GDL Service Attachment.

·        Diverse Mated Pair with Limited Route Diversity. With Diverse Mated Pair with Limited Route Diversity, Company will maintain fiber diverse routing with at least 25 ft of separation and/or hardened ducts between two circuits, through specific locations identified in the Linear GDL Service Attachment.

·        Diverse Mated Pair with Full Route Diversity. With Diverse Mated Pair with Full Route Diversity, Company will maintain the fiber diverse routing end to end between two circuits. Fiber diverse routing maintains at least 25 ft of separation and/or uses hardened ducts.


2.1       Company will obtain Customer’s consent prior to reconfiguring a circuit with special routing, except in the event of a network outage, in which case Company reserves the right to re-route the circuit without obtaining prior Customer consent. For circuits that include special routing, Company will periodically check the circuit routing throughout the circuit term to verify whether special routing has been maintained.  If Company learns that special routing has not been maintained, then Company will use reasonable efforts to restore special routing.  If Company cannot restore special routing within 60 days after discovering that special routing has not been maintained, Company will notify Customer that special routing cannot be restored and Customer has the option within 60 days from such notification from Company to disconnect the circuit subject to the special routing requirement without any early termination liability. 


3.         Rerouting.  With the exception of Special Routing, Company reserves the right to reroute circuits entirely at Company’s discretion, including, but not limited to, upgrades to network equipment and restoring services in the event of an outage.  A rerouted circuit may not have similar routing or latency as the original route.  At Company’s discretion, Company may or may not temporarily or permanently reroute a circuit to an alternate path following an outage or network upgrade.




1.         Monthly Recurring Charges.


1.1       DS3 Charges on or after September 1, 2009


2.         Local Access outside the United States. Charges for local access outside the United States are based upon building type. Current Company standard rates and charges are available from Company upon request.


2.1       For local access provided over MCI Legacy Company local network to an MCI Legacy Company lit building (i.e., Type 1), Company’s standard rates in effect at the time of circuit installation apply.


2.2       For local access provided over third-party facilities or network (access providers for areas where there is not a MCI Legacy Company point of presence) (i.e., Type 3), the third party provider’s local access charges apply, at the rate in effect at the time of order, based on the conversion of the local currency to US dollars at the exchange rate at the time of order.


3.         Other Charges.


3.1       Customer Support Services charges apply.


3.2       Administrative Non-Recurring Charges.


3.3       Installation.


The following rates apply per circuit for installation of each new Linear GDL circuit:


Circuit Speed

Installation Charge






3.4       FUSF and CCRC apply.


3.5       Paper Invoice Charge applies.


3.6       Property Tax Recovery Charge applies.


3.7       Convenience Payment Charge applies.


3.8       Administrative Expense Fee applies.



V.         TERMS AND CONDITIONS: In addition to the Online Master Terms - Terms and Conditions of Service, the following terms and conditions also apply.


1.         CPE. CPE sales, rental, installation and maintenance may be provided subject to the terms of the relevant service attachment.


2.         Restriction on Selling Encryption Services. Customer understands and acknowledges that in accordance with the licenses and with statutory guidelines which govern the provision of Linear GDL by Company in India, Customer is not allowed to employ encryption on any equipment (including CPE and customer equipment) which is directly or indirectly connected to the network in India. Customer must ensure that any encryption equipment connected to the network for specific requirements has the prior evaluation and approval of the Department of Telecommunications in India or an officer specially designated for the purpose. Company will be hereby indemnified and held harmless from and against any claims, suits, judgments, settlements, losses, damages, expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses), and costs (including allocable costs of in-house counsel) asserted against or incurred by Company arising out of a failure by Customer to comply with the restrictions described in this clause or as otherwise imposed by the licenses or statutory guidelines from time to time.


3.         Monitoring. Customer acknowledges that all Linear GDL traffic terminating and originating in India is monitored by the regulatory authorities of India for national security reasons.


VI.        SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT: The following applies:


Linear Global Data Link Service Level Agreement