International Private Line Service

(formerly referred to as Traditional Service and Fiber Digital Private Line Services)




1.         Description. International Private Line (IPL) is a dedicated point-to-point private line service with international connectivity between the U.S. Mainland and locations around the world, as well as between locations between locations around the world.  The end-to-end circuit is provided on a bilateral basis with a correspondent carrier.  Standard service is available at speeds ranging from 64 kbps to 2.048 Mbps, unless otherwise designated.  Effective November 1, 2015, 64 kbps to 1024 kpbs are grandfathered and are no longer available to new IPL Customers.  Existing IPL customers may add, move, change, and disconnect 64 kbps to 1024 kpbs IPL services with the understanding that renewals of such services will not be permitted.  Other speeds may be available upon request.  Local access service is required and is provided by MCI Legacy Company pursuant to a separate service attachment or through a third party for local access provided outside the United States (U.S.).


International Private Line is available as International Private Line Half Circuit, International Private Line Half Circuit with One-Stop-Shop (OSS), or International Private Line Full Circuit, based on country availability.


1.1       International Private Line – Half Circuit. International Private Line – Half Circuit is a private line circuit delivered over international facilities that are independently maintained, owned, and monitored by Company and a non-U.S. carrier.  International – Half Circuit with OSS feature is available.


1.2       International Private Line – Full Circuit. For International Private Line Full Circuit Company is the single contractual party with Customer. International Private Line Full Circuit is delivered over the Company international backbone network and the third party network provider access into the respective non-U.S. destination country.


2.         Availability. Company provides International Private Line service only to specified geographic areas outside the U.S. Mainland, pursuant to the terms and conditions imposed by non-U.S. carriers.  Additional geographic areas outside of the U.S. Mainland may be available on an individual case basis.  Availability is subject to legal, regulatory, equipment, geographic, technical, and other limitations or conditions preventing service.  Outside the United States, International Private Line service is subject to the laws and regulations of the foreign country where the circuit terminates.


II.         DEFINITIONS: In addition to the Online Definitions, the following service-specific definitions apply.


Service-Specific Definitions


III.        FEATURES AND OPTIONS:  The following feature is available:


1.         One-Stop Shopping (OSS)




1.         Monthly Recurring Charges.


1.1       Half Circuit Monthly Recurring Charges.


1.1.1    Charges prior to April 1, 2006


1.1.2    Charges April 1, 2006 through August 31, 2006


1.1.3    Charges on or after September 1, 2007


1.2       Full Circuit Monthly Recurring Charges.


1.2.1    Charges on or after July 1, 2009


2.         Local Access outside the United States. Customer will pay the third party provider’s local access charges, at the rate in effect at the time of order, based on the conversion of the local currency to US dollars at the exchange rate at the time of order.


3.         Other Charges.


3.1       Customer Support Services charges apply.


3.2       Administrative Non-Recurring Charges apply.


3.3       Installation.  The following rates apply per circuit for installation of each new International Private Line circuit, excluding circuits between US Mainland locations:


Circuit Speed                          Installation Charge


64 kbps – 768 kbps                        $   250

1.024 Mbps – 2.048 Mbps               1,000


3.4       Cancellation Charge.  A $6,000 cancellation charge applies if order is cancelled prior to the date that Company makes the IPL circuit available to Customer.


3.5       Special Construction.  Special construction charges may apply as described in the International Private Line service-specific terms and conditions.


3.6       Other.  Customer is responsible for third part costs as described in the service-specific terms and conditions.


3.7       FUSF and CCRC apply.


3.8       Paper Invoice Charge applies.


3.9       Property Tax Recovery Charge applies.


3.10     Convenience Payment Charge applies.


3.11     Administrative Expense Fee applies.



 V.        TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  In addition to the Online Master Terms - Terms and Conditions of Service, the following terms and conditions apply:


Service Specific Terms and Conditions


VI.        SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT:  The following service level agreement applies:


Service Level Agreement