Hosted Voice Messaging Service (Voice-mail)


I.          SERVICE DESCRIPTION:  Hosted Voice Messaging Service (Voice-mail) is a non-regulated service feature offered to Customers of Company’s Local Service-CLEC local exchange services.  As of January 1, 2008, Hosted Voice Messaging Service (Voice-mail) is no longer available to new Customers.  The following Voice-mail services are available:


1.         Regular Voice-mail:  Regular Voice-mail provides the following:


·         Three-minute maximum record time.

·         15-message mailbox capacity.

·         14-day message storage.

·         Capacity of up to five distribution lists with 25 entries each.

·         Send messages to a single voice-mail box or distribution list within the user’s organization.

·         Maximum greeting length of 45 seconds.

·         Set Priority level when sending messages to normal, private or urgent.

·         Call Options:

        Call Forward (Voice-mail user can switch on/off feature to automatically provide single number where user can be reached.)

        Attendant (Operator) Number.

        Reach Me Number (provides single number where voice-mail user can be reached).

        Colleague Number (provides number where colleague of voice-mail user can be reached.


2.         Web Enhanced Voice-mail:   Web Enhanced Voice-mail enables access to and management of voice-mail and voice-mail options via phone and via an end-user Web interface.


2.1       The following capabilities are available, based on the message capacity selected:


Message Capacity

Greeting Length

Message Length (Minutes)

Number of Distribution Lists/

Number of

Calls Per List

Storage Time (Days)






15 messages

45 seconds




35 messages

1 minute




90 messages

5 minutes





2.2       Web Enhanced Voice-mail Management:  The following features are available to manage voice-mail and voice-mail options via Company’s Message Center (on the Web):


·               Listen to, delete, or forward voice-mail messages online.

·               Set priority level to Normal, Private, or Urgent when sending messages.

·               Set up to three Find Me/Follow Me numbers.

·               Set notification options for pager (up to five schedules) and e-mail.

·               Select on Mailbox Options menu to provide shorter verbiage on the Main Menu only.

·               Choose which greetings are played to incoming callers:

        In the Office and Available Greeting

        In the Office and Unavailable Greeting

        Not Accepting Messages Greeting

        Message Center Default Greeting

·               Voice-mail PIN change.

·               Set e-mail address.

·               Set attendant (Operator) number

·               Schedule the order of message retrieval, headers, and voice-mail message saving.

·               Create distribution lists to send the same voice message to multiple mailboxes.

·               Enhanced extension mailbox navigation accessed via phone or the Web.


3.         Extension Mailbox:  Regular Voice-mail and Web Enhanced Voice-mail can be supplemented with Extension Mailbox to allow Customer to add voice-mail capabilities to one telephone number shared by multiple people.  An Extension Mailbox is one mailbox divided into nine sections.  Callers dialing a shared phone number hear a greeting telling them which digit to press (1-9) for the desired recipient.  After making a selection from the menu, callers will hear the personal mailbox greeting of the recipient they have chosen, followed by the recording tone. Users can check personal mailboxes for messages anytime.


An Extension Mailbox includes the following capabilities:

·         Three-minute maximum record time.

·         15 message capacity.

·         Five distribution lists with 25 entries.

·         45-second maximum greeting length.


4.         Information Mailbox:  Permits pre-recorded information and message recording only – no message capacity is provided.  The maximum greeting length is five minutes.


II.          DEFINITIONS: The General Definitions apply.




1.         Call Forward Busy/Call Forward No Answer.  These two features (included in Local Line Service Feature Package One) will be provisioned so that the incoming call goes to the toll-free number of the Hosted Voice Messaging Service platform.  There is no charge for these features on the line that has Hosted Voice Messaging Service, but if Customer’s configuration includes more than one line sharing a single mailbox, then each additional local line must have and will be charged for Feature Package One.


2.         Message Waiting Indicator.  An optional feature that provides a stutter tone and/ or light (where available) to indicate a message is waiting.  There are no additional charges for this feature for Local-CLEC customers.


IV.        RATES AND CHARGES:  Monthly recurring and non-recurring charges are listed on the VBS I and VBS II tabs in the following:


Local Rates and Charges