Ethernet Private Line – International (EPL – International)


As of October 1, 2010, orders for new circuits as well as orders for moves, adds, changes and upgrades for EPL - International are provided as Private Carriage Services.




1.         Description.  Ethernet Private Line – International (EPL – International), in combination with an Ethernet Private Line access connection, provides a high speed, point-to-point, private line service that transmits simultaneous two-way traffic between Customer locations in the U.S. Mainland and Customer locations outside the U.S. Mainland on the Company’s fiber-optic network.


EPL – International is available at speeds of 150 Mbps, 300 Mbps, 450 Mbps, 600 Mbps, 750 Mbps and 1000 Mbps.


EPL – International is only provided with Company’s Ethernet Private Line Access, which is provided pursuant to a separate service attachment with the Company.


2.         Availability.  Within the U.S. Mainland EPL – International is available from locations which can support Ethernet Private Line Access.  Outside the U.S. Mainland the Company provides EPL – International only to specified geographic areas, based on Company Points of Presence that support EPL – International. A list of Company Non-U.S. Points of Presence that support EPL – International is available from the Company.


II.         DEFINITIONS:  The Online Definitions apply.


III.        FEATURES AND OPTIONS:  The following features and options are available for EPL - International:  


Virtual LAN (VLAN) transparency:  Company does not tag EPL – National circuits, thereby allowing Customer to stack and manage tags as needed.


IV.        RATES AND CHARGES: The following charges apply and will begin accruing on the date the EPL – International is made available for Customer use by Company:


1.         Monthly Recurring Charges.


2.         Local Access.


2.1       U.S. Mainland Access.  A monthly recurring charge applies to each EPL-International circuit and is calculated based speed, route and location of the site. Company’s standard rates are available upon request.


2.2       EPL  Access Charges and EPL transport to a City / Country Outside the U.S. Mainland.  A monthly recurring charge applies to each EPL-International circuit and is calculated based on speed, route and location of the site.


2.2.1    For local access provided over MCI Legacy Company local network to an MCI Legacy Company lit building (i.e., Type 1) Company’s standard rates, in effect at the time of circuit installation, apply.


2.2.2    For local access provided over third-party facilities or network (access providers for areas where there is not a MCI Legacy Company point of presence) (i.e., NearNet and Type 3), the third party provider’s local access charges in effect at the time of order, based on the conversion of the local currency to United States dollars at the exchange rate at the time of order, apply.


3.         Other Charges.


3.1       Customer Support Services charges apply.


3.2       Administrative Non-Recurring Charges apply.


3.3       Installation.


The following charge applies per circuit for installation:


Circuit Speed

Installation Charge

150 Mbps – 1000 Mbps



3.3.1    U.S. Mainland Access.  A monthly recurring charge applies for U.S Mainland access used as a part on an EPL International circuit  to a City/Country outside the U.S. Mainland. Charges are based on speed, route and location of the site.


3.3.2    EPL Access Charges Outside the U. S. Mainland and EPL transport to a City / Country Outside the U.S. Mainland. A monthly recurring charge applies to each EPL-International circuit whether the location is On-Net (Type 1), NearNet or Type 3.


3.4       FUSF and CCRC apply.


3.5       Paper Invoice Charge applies.


3.6       Property Tax Recovery Charge applies.


3.7       Convenience Payment Charge applies.


3.8       Administrative Expense Fee applies.



V.         TERMS AND CONDITIONS: In addition to the Online Master Terms - Terms and Conditions of Service, the following apply:


1.         Installation and Support.  Customer is responsible for any and all damage relating to (i) Customer Terminating Equipment (CTE), unless such damage was caused by Company’s negligence or willful misconduct (without limiting any other Company disclaimers or limitations of liability) and; (ii) the malfunction or failure of any equipment, facilities or systems provided by Customer.  


2.         Maintenance.  For the avoidance of doubt, Company may interrupt EPL – International for scheduled or emergency maintenance. Customer is responsible for the configuration, operation, and maintenance of its Local Area Network (LAN) connected to EPL – International. 


3.         Minimum Term Commitment.  Customer commits to a 12 month minimum term per circuit (Service Term Commitment) for each order of EPL – International (including its local access component outside the U. S. Mainland). The term of the Agreement will automatically extend to apply to such orders until the Service Term Commitment has ended, even if the term of the Agreement ends earlier.


4.         Early Termination Charge.  If Customer terminates EPL – International, or any portion thereof, before its 12 month minimum commitment has expired, except for termination for Cause, such termination shall not be effective until 30 days after Company receives written notice of termination (“Termination Date”), and in addition to paying all accrued but unpaid charges for the EPL – International incurred through the Termination Date, for each circuit terminated (including its local access component outside the U. S. Mainland), Customer may be required to pay, within 30 days after such Termination Date: (a) an amount equal 75 percent of the monthly recurring charges for the terminated circuit remaining in the 12-month Service Term Commitment, if any; plus (b) all fees or early termination fees imposed by the access line provider, if any; plus (c) a pro rata portion of any and all credits received by Customer. However, in no event will Customer’s total termination liability exceed the full contract value of the terminated EPL – International.


5.         Service Not To Be Resold.  EPL – International is intended for the use of Customer and Customer’s authorized EPL – International end users.  Customer may charge EPL – International end users a user fee, but may not resell EPL – International.   Company’s relationship is solely with Customer. Customer is solely responsible for interacting with EPL – International end users regarding any administration, processes, and/or issues arising from any use of EPL – International by EPL – International end users. 


VI.        SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT: The Ethernet Private Line – International Service Level Agreement is available.